2021-2022 Adult Junior Championship Results

Final results have now been posted. Congratulations to all the champions!

Junior Male Adult Male Class A Scratch: Ethan Bromley & Norm Bialuski - 1454
Junior Male Adult Male Class A Handicap: Aniello Celentano & Jason Carr - 1543
Junior Male Adult Male Class B Handicap: Theo Trudell & Talbert Mount -1491
Junior Male Adult Female Scratch: Anthony DeRobertis & Victoria Pacacha - 1315
Junior Male Adult Female Handicap: Ronald Wynne Jr & Jayne Colomb - 1512
Junior Female Adult Male Scratch: Ashley Hardy & Charles A Trudell - 1443 
Junior Female Adult Male Handicap: Janelle Marsh & Brian Barton - 1453
Junior Female Adult Female Scratch:  Emily Brock & Ruth Wooliver - 1379
Junior Female Adult Female Handicap: Makayla Kollbeck & Selena Kollbeck - 1511


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