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Robin Marshall Bids Farewell
to Northeast USBC Members

JUNE 8, 2015 -- As you may know, Jim Zebehazy has retired after 33 years of service to the bowling industry.  Starting June 8th, I will begin transitioning as the Southern Regional Manager to be effective August 1, 2015.  I have enjoyed the last 3 years working with each and everyone of you!!  I have learned so much and thank you for your tireless efforts to make bowling a great family sport!

At this time, I would like to introduce, Ben Brose, the new Northeast Regional Manager. Ben has been with USBC for 6 years serving in the roles of Rules Counselor and most recently, the Manager of Membership Services.  

Over the next couple of months, Ben will be reaching out to introduce himself and will be attending upcoming Local and State events.  Ben looks forward to continuing our mission of a united bowling community that’s educated and engaged.

Feel free to contact Ben and welcome him aboard!!

Ben Brose -- ben.brose@bowl.com -- 817-385-8394

Robin Marshall

USBC Making Several Changes
to Sport Bowling Program

JUNE 1, 2015 -- To encourage more bowlers and leagues to take advantage of competing on challenging lane conditions and to improve certified tournament average integrity, the United States Bowling Congress will make several enhancements to the Sport Bowling program for the 2015-2016 season, which starts Aug. 1.

Leagues choosing to compete on Sport lane patterns now will have the opportunity to report as a Sport/Challenge league without submitting lane tapes or requiring bowlers to purchase membership upgrades. The USBC Sport membership, including the awards program, will be discontinued as bowlers no longer will need to purchase a membership upgrade to compete in Sport leagues.

Please click on the Associations tab for more.

“We are removing what historically has been noted as the two largest barriers to participation – the membership cost for the bowler and the additional work required by those running Sport leagues – so more leagues can take advantage of Sport patterns,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “Removing the barriers will improve the average integrity for all certified tournaments, which is the key reason for the adjustment to the program.”

The Sport Bowling page of BOWL.com will re-launch July 1 with complete information and reference materials for bowlers, league secretaries and proprietors. The page will have Sport Bowling patterns, video tips on how to play certain Sport patterns, ideas for league formats and more information to help start and run a Sport Bowling league.

“USBC will lose some revenue as part of the switch, but average integrity is important to the future growth of the sport,” Murphy said. “We also want to encourage bowlers and leagues to take advantage of any Sport Bowling options they choose. Whether it is PBA Experience, Kegel Challenge, World Bowling or others, we should see more competition-level patterns in use because the process will be as simple as certifying the league with the new designation with no paperwork or tapes required.”

Starting with the 2015-2016 season, leagues that want to compete on Sport Bowling conditions will designate as a Sport/Challenge league on the league application form; bowlers competing in the league will have a corresponding icon next to their average for that league.

Because Sport Bowling conditions are more challenging than typical league conditions, bowler averages on Sport conditions usually are lower. Designating these leagues moving forward will assist league and tournament operators in automatically adjusting averages for a bowler.

The Sport Bowling Average Adjustment Scale also has been modified, based on data of more than 20,000 averages, as part of the Sport Bowling makeover. The new chart can be found here. The scale, of course, does not supersede a tournament director’s ability to adjust any bowler’s average upward for a tournament.

The Sport Bowling program started with the 2000-2001 season in response to technology changes in the sport. Sport Bowling emphasizes the bowler’s ability to make consistently accurate shots and to know when to make necessary adjustments. Most major USBC events, the PBA Tour, PWBA Tour and World Bowling events are conducted on Sport Bowling patterns.

Planning For Success: A guide for local associations

JANUARY 30, 2015 -- To help local associations become more equipped for change and to expand the skill-sets of its board, the United States Bowling Congress has developed a program called "Planning For Success" designed to assess the current state of the association, identify what programs are successful as well as which ones need improvement, and how to bring in new volunteers.

The program uses a self-assessment of the association to allow USBC to design action plans around areas needing improvement. The associations involved will receive a visit from their Regional Manager and monthly conference calls to review the status of the action plan. 

We are offering this opportunity to two associations in each of the four regions of the country. Associations interested in applying should click here for the application form and email a completed application to associationservices@bowl.com by February 10, at which time the selection process will take place.

Staten Island USBC Hall of Fame

STATEN ISLAND HONORS MOFFiT: Dan Moffit, center, is congratulated by board member Ray Laursen and President Donna Zajac after becoming just the fourth person to be inducted into the Staten Island USBC Hall of Fame. He was recognized for Meritorious Service at a ceremony on May 22. Dan has served as the Exceptional Children's Social Club President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the past 30 years.  The Colonial Pals, as they are known, is celebrating 52 years of continuous operation.  The program has bowled at the former Colonial Lanes and Bowling on the Green before moving to its new home, Showplace Entertainment Center, in 2004. Dan's involvement with the Colonial Pals brought him to the former S.I. Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA) just prior to merging the local bowling membership organizations (NYBA, SIYABA, & SIWBA).  After serving on the SIYABA Board of Directors, Dan was elected chairman of the Transition Team to create what is now known as the Staten Island USBC.  Moffit was elected to the Board of Directors to serve as the organization’s first President.  He continues to serve on the board of directors and is chair of the Awards Committee.

Rochester USBC BA, WBA Hall of Fame

ROCHESTER USBC BA, WBA HALL OF FAME: The Rochester USBC BA and WBA held its joint Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Wednesday night (May 20, 2015) at the Radisson Hotel RIT. Honorees are, seated from left, Joseph Argento Sr. (Meritorious Service) and Sandra Whitmore (Outstanding Achievement); standing, Brad Buckert (Meritorious Service), Peter Chapman (Outstanding Achievement - Senior Level), Norm Bialuski (Outstanding Achievement), Ray Bardol (Meritorious Service) and Robert Wrights, who received a League Leadership Award. Sylvester Sampson Jr. also was inducted into the HOF in the Outstanding Achievement - Veterans category. Photo by Mike Pettinella/NYS USBC Assn Mgr.

Genesee Region USBC Hall of Fame

GENESEE REGION USBC HALL OF FAME: From left, Sam Scopano, proprietor of Scopano's Lanes in Oakfield; Penny Brown, Mike Pettinella and Jerry Davis were inducted into the Genesee Region USBC Hall of Fame on Saturday (May 9, 2015) at a ceremony at Bennington Lanes. Scopano and Pettinella were inducted for Meritorious Service while Brown and Davis (her father-in-law) were enshrined for Outstanding Achievement. Pettinella was a 2001 inductee in the Outstanding Achievement category.

Ithaca USBC Hall of Fame

ITHACA USBC HALL OF FAME: From left, Mike Daghita, James Severino, Christopher Besemer and Russ Jacobs were inducted into the Ithaca USBC Hall of Fame on Sunday, May 3. Submitted photo.

Greater Buffalo USBC Hall of Fame

GREATER BUFFALO USBC HALL OF FAME: Nine people were inducted into the Greater Buffalo USBC Hall of Fame on Nov. 29 at Samuel's Grande Manor in Williamsville. Seated from left are David Miller (Meritorious Service), Kevin Iwaniak (Outstanding Ability), Frank "Butch" Benhatzel (Outstanding Ability), Kay Jeziorski (Outstanding Ability); standing, Barbara Jones, daughter of Frank Coburn (Meritorious Service); Jackie Jensen (Meritorious Service to Youth), Lauren Sutton (Outstanding Ability), Susanne Nawojski (Outstanding Ability) and David Guindon (Outstanding Ability). Photo by Mike Pettinella, NYS USBC Association Manager.

Auburn USBC BA Hall of Fame

AUBURN USBC BA HALL OF FAME: From left, Jeff Matty and Steve Rusin were inducted into the Outstanding Bowler category of the Auburn USBC BA Hall of Fame on Nov. 8 at the Sunset Restaurant. Other award winners included Bob Dellastrito, men's bowler of the year, and Rebecca O'Donnell, women's bowler of the year, who also rolled a 300 game.

Syracuse USBC WBA, BA Hall of Fame

SYRACUSE USBC BA, WBA HALL OF FAME: From left, Rod Collins, Dan Smith, Tina Becciu and Doug Gustin were inducted into the Syracuse Bowling Hall of Fame on Nov. 1 for their respective associations. Photo by M.F. Piraino.

CLICK HERE for an article on the benefits of USBC membership,
written by Mike Pettinella, NYS USBC Association Manager

CLICK HERE to see the
New York State USBC regional map as of 7/31/12.

USBC Introduces Non-Registered
Sport League Designation

AUGUST 16, 2014 -- USBC now has a new classification on its league application so leagues that compete on Sport Bowling or more challenging patterns, but choose not to certify as a Sport league, still can designate the league's tougher lane conditions.

The Non-Registered Sport league classification is located under the lane conditions section on the league application form; simply check the corresponding box under lane conditions for the league in WinLABS. You can do the same for any league that is using patterns that meet Blue or White requirements.

The leagues that designate as a Non-Registered Sport league will receive a special icon on the Find A Member section of BOWL.com, and the icon which will appear on members' averages in those leagues. The icon will be under lane conditions to denote averages bowled on what is believed to be a Sport condition.

USBC has received feedback stating there are a number of leagues that compete on Sport or more challenging patterns but are not certifying as Sport leagues. The purpose of this icon is to give tournament managers the most information possible, so they can make sure bowlers are using averages that accurately reflect their skill level.

USBC Institutes New Rule
Governing Ball Gripping Holes

ARLINGTON, Texas - In a move to add greater clarity and fairness to ball specifications related to bowlers not using their thumb while delivering the ball, the United States Bowling Congress has modified the specifications on bowling ball gripping holes.

Under the new rule, any thumb hole that is not used for gripping purposes during the delivery would be classified as a balance hole. Bowling balls are only permitted one balance hole.
"A no-thumb bowler using a balance hole along with an unused thumb hole could effectively create two balance holes and change ball dynamics through layout choices in ways that are not available to a bowler who does use their thumb," USBC Interim Executive Director Chad Murphy said. "This rule change aims to create greater fairness by removing the potential advantage of two balance holes. If the bowler doesn't use the thumb hole for gripping, it's not really a gripping hole."

The rule change strictly addresses the use of the thumb hole and only affects bowlers who do not use their thumb for  gripping the ball during a delivery. The change went into effect at the beginning of the winter bowling season, Aug. 1.

"The change is intended to simplify the specification, make it easier to enforce and reduce confusion," USBC Managing Director of National Governing Body Neil Stremmel said. "It is not necessary to have a thumb hole if the bowler isn't going to use it for gripping purposes and the ball has to be within our static balance requirements to be used during USBC certified competition."

Here is how the new specification will read in the USBC Playing Rules starting Aug. 1:

Holes or indentations for gripping purposes shall not exceed five and shall be limited to one for each finger and one for the thumb, all for the same hand.  The player is not required to use all finger holes in any specific delivery, but they must be able to demonstrate, with the same hand, that each gripping hole can be simultaneously used for gripping purposes. Any thumb hole that is not used for gripping purposes during the delivery would be classified as a balance hole.


Does this mean every bowling ball thrown by a no-thumb or two-handed bowler who uses no thumb is now going to be illegal and have to be re-drilled? 

No. If a bowler doesn't use their thumb during a delivery, they can either have a thumb hole or a balance hole but not both. If the ball has a thumb hole but the bowler doesn't use it, then as long as it meets static balance requirements, the ball is allowed. If the ball has both a thumb hole and a balance hole, the bowler needs to plug at least one of them. 

What about bowlers who sometimes use their thumb and sometimes do not use their thumb? For example, what if a bowler does not use their thumb for a strike ball but does use their thumb for a spare shot?

The bowler would need to make sure the ball is within specifications from both centers of grip (middle of the grip for thumb in, and center of the bridge for thumb out). If the bowler is going to switch back and forth between using their thumb and not using their thumb, they would need to use a ball without an additional balance hole.

How is this rule enforceable and what is the penalty for those who don't comply?

Once it is discovered that a bowler is using equipment which is not within specifications, the ball must be removed from competition and corrected before it can be used during certified competition.  If the bowler uses a ball that's non-conforming with knowledge that it's out of specification, then the scores are subject to forfeiture.

Who is impacted by this rule?
This is strictly for bowlers who do not use their thumb regardless if they use a one-handed or two-handed approach.

If the bowler covers the thumb hole with their palm, would that count as gripping?

No, the bowler is not gripping the ball if they are just covering the hole with their palm. 

Why was this rule changed? 

This rule change aims to create greater fairness by removing the potential advantage of two balance holes. If the bowler doesn't use the thumb hole for gripping, it's not really a gripping hole.  A bowler who uses their thumb for gripping is allowed one balance hole.  

Did some people have an unfair advantage under the previous rule?

A bowler who doesn't use their thumb had the opportunity to move their thumb hole and balance hole to create additional drilling options that were not available to those who put their thumb in the ball.

CLICK HERE for a one-pager about
the new USBC Adult Basic Membership

CLICK HERE for a graphic
of USBC membership benefits

Forms available for new USBC
Adult Basic memberships

FEBRUARY 20, 2014 -- The new USBC Adult Basic membership will be available for short-season leagues starting March 1. The membership is available to bowlers who compete in leagues that have 16 or fewer sessions and the league must designate as a short-season league.

The membership is designed to target non-certified short season leagues and the USBC urges local association leaders to speak with their center managers and proprietors about presenting this new membership to those existing non-certified leagues.

The cost of the Adult Basic membership in New York State will be $11, with $7 going to USBC, $3 for the local association and $1 for the New York State USBC. Local association managers are advised to check two products before transmitting via WinLABS to the USBC -- the Adult Basic membership and the State Dues-only membership.

The USBC Adult Membership Application form has been updated to add the USBC Basic membership and is available here.

The USBC League Application with the Basic league option is located here. Updated league and membership applications will be sent out in summer supply orders. Any leagues using this membership prior to those orders shipping should be downloaded from BOWL.com.

Who Wants to Help?

A call for leaders across the state to voluntarily assist the NYS USBC in its effort to promote bowling through fair, competitive tournaments and worthwhile, effective programs and services.


The NYS USBC is recruiting one or two people in each of the state’s 10 regions – see Regional Map on the Officers page of this website -- to provide valuable assistance to the state’s bowling operation in the capacities listed below.  These ambassadors not only will enhance the NYS USBC’s level of service, but also will become familiar with the administration of bowling on the state level, potentially paving the way for them to become NYS USBC officers and directors in future years.

          a. Help distribute state tournament entry forms, flyers and other materials generated through the NYS USBC office.
          b. Represent the NYS USBC (when requested) at local association meetings, local Hall of Fame and Awards gatherings and at other events as warranted.
          c. Help communicate NYS USBC directives and “news” – such as new programs, coaching clinics, workshops – and help get the word out about the value of regularly visiting our website – www.bowlny.com.
          d. Help promote NYS youth scholarships and other youth initiatives and activities.
          e. Help identify potential Hall of Fame or Special Award nominees and assist in the nomination process when necessary.
          f. Be our “eyes and ears” at the regional and local level, provide information and insight as we strive to improve communication with and service to our membership.
         g. Assist at NYS Open, Women, Senior and Youth Tournaments as requested by the state’s association manager.


Similar in scope and function to the Regional Ambassadors, Youth Ambassadors would primarily focus on the following:

          a. promoting youth bowling;
          b. helping to recruit new youth bowlers;
          c. assisting at youth tournaments;
          d. spreading the word about the NYS USBC scholarship program;
          e. gaining experience necessary to move into leadership roles on the state level.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional or Youth Representative, please contact Mike Pettinella, NYS USBC association manager, at bowlny300@yahoo.com or 585-343-3736.


Association Name Assn. Manager Association Email Address
Adams USBC Michael Lapp AdamsUSBC300@hotmail.com
Adirondack USBC Craig Morrell adkusbc11@gmail.com
Albany USBC Karen Krauss albanynyba@albany.twcbc.com
Amsterdam USBC Celinda Holik cmh11101954@hotmail.com
Au Sable Forks USBC BA John McDonald JMcDonald2400@Charter.Net
Au Sable Valley USBC Youth John McDonald JMcDonald2400@Charter.Net
Auburn USBC BA Michael Ryan auburnusbc@roadrunner.com
Auburn USBC WBA Ann Fenton afenton1@rochester.rr.com
Auburn USBC Youth Tom Ostrander
Bath USBC John Coumbe bathusbc@yahoo.com
Boonville USBC BA Brian Simpson Phantazm88@aol.com
Boonville USBC WBA Carol Taft mamataft1951@yahoo.com
Canandaigua USBC Jon Barkley j.barkley@frontiernet.net
Catskill Mountain USBC BA Louis Klinegardner elks@frontiernet.net
Catskill Mountain USBC Youth Robert Waldele rwaldele@hvc.rr.com
Chen Del O USBC Jolene Scott
Columbia Greene USBC Paul Drahushuk dvader57@gmail.com
Corning USBC BA Greg Millhollen corningusbcba@stny.rr.com
Corning USBC WBA Linda Cevette fcevette@aol.com
Corning USBC Youth

Donald Millhollen

Dunkirk Lakeshore USBC Michele Bouquin
Earlville USBC hiskorlanes@frontiernet.net
Elmira USBC Michele D'Angelo
Finger Lakes USBC BA David Bellis dbellis1@rochester.rr.com
Finger Lakes USBC WBA Sandy Covert scovert@rochester.rr.com
Finger Lakes USBC Youth William O'Neil woneil@rochester.rr.com
Fulton City USBC Youth Paula Distin
Fulton County USBC BA Gregory Simonson gsimonso@nycap.rr.com
Fulton USBC BA Paul Kupelian fultonusbcba@gmail.com
Fulton USBC WBA Paula Distin
Genesee Region USBC Laurie Cole
Gouverneur USBC Marion Bowhall gouverneurbowl@yahoo.com
Gr Buffalo USBC Bill Palumbo contact@gbusbc.com
Gr Otsego USBC Janice Harrison jharriso@nycm.com
Grape Belt USBC Youth Priscilla Seybold cilla@netsync.net
Greene USBC Wendell McGrath mcgrathwm@hotmail.com
Harrisville USBC Diane Thomas dndithom@aol.com
Hornell USBC Jeff Fetzner jeff.fetzner@gmail.com
Hudson Valley USBC Robert Tyler office@hvusbc.org
Hudson Valley USBC Youth Tina Vredenburg omash@us.ibm.com
Ithaca USBC Patricia Stage pstage1055@aol.com
Jamestown Area USBC William Thompson Jr crankinbill@gmail.com
Johnstown USBC WBA Ramona Cole
Johnstown USBC Youth Kati-lyn Meher
Katskill Foothills USBC WBA Cheryl Green greenc@stny.rr.com
Kingston NY USBC BA Robert Boughton Sr. Kgnbowlingassoc@AOL.com
Kingston USBC WBA Lynne Seyfarth lseyfarth@hvc.rr.com
Lake Ontario USBC BA Robert Tierson RTierson@Rochester.RR.Com
Lockport USBC Timothy Kirsch LockportUSBC@aol.com
Long Island USBC James Maguire liusbca@verizon.net
Lowville USBC BA Everette Haggerty Jr golfer700@twcny.rr.com
Lowville USBC WBA Rhonda Vary bowling-honda@hotmail.com
Lowville USBC Youth Derek Crouse lewislanes@frontiernet.net
Malone USBC Robert Black patcat52@yahoo.com
Malone USBC Youth George McLaughlin lslmalone@aol.com
Massena-Waddington USBC Tammy LaPoint tomkayshad@yahoo.com
Mid-Hudson USBC Janet Sullinger
Mohawk Valley Towns USBC
Don Null nucker@verizon.net
Mohawk Valley USBC Youth Teresa Wolcott youthbowling@roadrunner.com
Moira USBC Terry Grant tkg@slic.com
New York City USBC Corinthia Ward nycusbc@gmail.com
New York State USBC A@L Penny Clinton NYSYABASECY@aol.com
Niagara Falls USBC BA Anthony Quaranto Sr info@nfmba.com
Niagara Falls USBC WBA Bobbi-Lynn Marshall bouttime02@wmconnect.com
Niagara Frontier USBC Youth Bobbi-Lynn Marshall
Northern Adirondack USBC Theresa Bosley tbosley@twcny.rr.com
Norwich USBC Edward Lawton ejlawton@ejlconsulting.com
Ogdensburg USBC Youth Chris Smith ogdbowl@twcny.rr.com
Penn Yan-Dundee USBC WBA Laurie Rogers lauralye914@rochester.rr.com
Potsdam USBC BA Lloyd Howe II lhoweii@twcny.rr.com
Potsdam USBC WBA Norma Cyrus ncyrus@twcny.rr.com
Rochester USBC BA Kayla Burnett bowl@rochesternyusbc.org
Rochester USBC WBA Nancy Starken
Rochester USBC Youth Mimi Lucey
Rockland Co USBC Youth Robert Larkin rgl113@aol.com
Rockland County USBC Robert Larkin rgl113@aol.com
Rome USBC Howard York romenyusbcba@gmail.com
Rome USBC Youth Pamella Spencer bubbajean11@verizon.net
Salamanca USBC BA Alan Milks kalam2@verizon.net
Salamanca USBC WBA Mary Forness
Saranac Lake USBC BA George Cole sidsandy2@aol.com
Sara-Placid USBC WBA Nancy Hurteau nancyhu@roadrunner.com
Saugerties USBC Matthew Kordich Mattkordich@yahoo.com
Sayre Athens Waverly Valley USBC Tom Schanbacher sawvalley@hotmail.com
Schenectady Scotia USBC WBA Anne Torak piano@nycap.rr.com
Schenectady USBC BA Lloyd Denny Jr lloyd.denny2@verizon.net
Schenectady USBC Youth Kristen Zadrozny
Schoharie County USBC
Sara Masterson
Seven Valley USBC Brenda Allen sevenvalleyusbc@verizon.net
Sherrill USBC Michael Keenan
Southern Tier USBC Benjamin Armberge bowling@stnyusbc.com
Staten Island USBC Joanne Soto JoanneSIUSBC@aol.com
Syracuse USBC BA Sandy Argus syracuseba@gmail.com
Syracuse USBC WBA Debora Deuel syracusewba@gmail.com
Syracuse USBC Youth Theresa Lightaul
Theresa USBC William Lamere wklamere@hotmail.com
Tonawandas USBC Tom Glass
Triboro USBC Youth Corinthia Ward cww49@aol.com
Tri-County NY USBC Michele Bensley tcnyusbc80949@gmail.com
Troy USBC Kathy Klar secretary@troynyba.org
Troy USBC Youth Stephanie Mallette
Twin Tiers USBC Ronald VanDerLinden rvdlinden@verizon.net
Utica Central NY USBC BA Tony Felitto afelitto@roadrunner.com
Utica USBC WBA Linda Hunter aph2869@frontiernet.net
Watertown USBC Diane Sykes WatertownUSBC@aol.com
Waterville USBC Elsie Towne etowne30@frontiernet.net
Wayco USBC Youth Lori-Lynn Lancaster lori.lancaster@waynecap.org
Wayne Co USBC WBA Anne Church WaynecountyWBA@rochester.rr.com
Wellsville USBC BA Michael Woodworth michael_wdwrth@yahoo.com
Wellsville USBC WBA Vicki Hilfinger victo248@yahoo.com
Westchester County USBC Barbara Campisi bcampisi1@optonline.net
Willsboro USBC Kristy Leerkes
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New York State USBC Bowling Association News
Levittown's Soedarmasto Wins Teen Masters Championship

JULY 3, 2015 -- Brandon Soedarmasto of Levittown, N.Y., and Brigitte Jacobs of Freeport, Ill., captured the boys’ and girls’ titles in the Teen Masters Championships at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Nev., Friday, each earning $7,500 scholarships.
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New York's Smith, Bowman Are High School All-Americans

ARLINGTON, Texas – A pair of New Yorkers -- Casey Smith of Chittenango and Jonathan Bowman of Peru -- have been selected to the 2014-15 Dexter/United States Bowling Congress High School All-American Team.

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Delmar's Brian LeClair Wins First National PBA Title

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF. (June 10, 2015) – Brian LeClair of Delmar, N.Y. competed on the PBA Tour for 18 seasons without a title. But now, bowling as a rookie on PBA’s Tour for players 50 and over, he can lay claim to his first national PBA title after winning the PBA50 Fountain Valley Open presented by Track Wednesday at Fountain Bowl.
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