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USBC Postpones Tiered Center Certification Until 2023

ARLINGTON, Texas – The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) is postponing implementation of a new tiered center certification model until January 2023.
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Piotrowski, Soedarmasto Receive Collegiate Honors

APRIL 16, 2020 – Lauren Piotrowski of Schenectady has been selected to the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association All-America women’s first team, and as a runner-up for Bowler of the Year honors by the International Bowling Media Association or the 2019-20 season.
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BPAA Cancels Bowl Expo Due to Coronavirus

APRIL 3, 2020 -- Bowl Expo has been canceled entirely due to coronavirus concerns, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America announced Friday afternoon.
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REMEMBERING OUR LOVED ONES:  NYS US BC Director Daniel Solmine and Liz Taylor (Fulton County Regional USBC) stand next to the Memorial table after a service prior to Saturday's NYS Annual Meeting in Syracuse. The NYS USBC paid tribute to those bowlers, family members and friends who passed away during the 2018-19 season.


The New York State USBC is an arm of the United States Bowling Congress committed to running fair, successful tournaments for bowlers of all ages; an organization dedicated to promoting the great sport of bowling through Hall of Fame and other special award presentations; a source of information to all bowlers interested in improving their game through coaching and instruction, and a vehicle for our young people to combine their scholastic and bowling abilities to receive college scholarships.

Just as importantly, the New York State USBC is run by regular people who appreciate and recognize those special people -- our bowlers -- who have made an impact by participating in leagues and tournaments, and by supporting their families and friends in the sport, throughout their lives. With that being said, we have created this Memorials page on our website as a final tribute to the men and women who have built and helped sustain organized bowling in New York State.

We invite you to send the names of deceased bowlers, relatives of bowlers and friends of the bowling community for inclusion on this page. Please send information to Mike Pettinella, Association Manager, NYS USBC, 55 Edgewood Drive, Batavia, NY 14020, or by email at We also will be acknowledging our deceased members and family/friends during a Memorial Service at the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. Thank you.

JUNE 2020
Rochester NY USBC
William (Bill) Starken (6-24-20)
Lorraine A. Kern (6-19-20)
Dominic Quinzi (6-5-20)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Shirley A. Glodowski (6-2-20)
MAY 2020
Long Island USBC
Michael Serigano (5-29-20), LIUSBC director and general manager at Coram Country Lanes.
Steve Abrams (5-1-20). longtime high school/youth coach
Dowell Milliken (5-14-20)
Catherine Acciari (5-14-20)
Rochester NY USBC
Michael Rose Sr. (5-5-20), father of USBC Open champion Mike Rose Jr.
Lila Fournier (5-10-20), wife of Marcel Fournier, former proprietor of Olympic Bowl in Rochester and NYS Hall of Famer.
Kenneth McClure (5-17-20)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Nancy R. Ross (5-18-20)
Michael A. Willard (5-13-20)
Gerald Zientara Jr. (5-14-20)
APRIL 2020
Westchester County USBC
Douglas "Duck" Childs (4-12-20), vice president of the Al Williams Classic League in Yonkers and bowler of his first 300 game in February 2019. 
Long Island USBC
Regina Traina (4-7-20), former LI USBC office manager and director.
Kathy Genova (4-8-20)
Claire Eggert (4-16-20), mother of Robert Eggert, Bowl Long Island proprietor
Rochester NY USBC
John "Jack" Ertle (4-24-20)

Karl J. "Bud" Couglar (4-22-20)
John G. Allen (4-20-20)
Benjamin Ray "Ben" Bragg (4-13-20)
James S. Fichera (4-4-20)
Joseph T. Martorella (4-1-20), Domm's Bowling Center proprietor, ABC team champion, Rochester NY USBC Hall of Famer
Greater Buffalo USBC

David A. Miller (4-15-20), Hall of Famer
John P. Niesyty (4-28-20)
Ronald C. Wagner (4-12-20)

MARCH 2020
Hudson Valley USBC
Catherine "Kay" Streck (3-7-20)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Harold "Skip" Lair (3-27-20)
Herbert Boynton (3-27-20)
Rochester NY USBC

Thomas A. "Tom" Silco (3-20-20)
Irvin L. "Irv" McChesney (3-9-20)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Donald S. Matyjasik (3-21-20)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Teresa M. "Terry" Sabia (2-16-20).
She served on the Buffalo Women's Bowling Association Board of Directors starting in the 1960's and as President for 13 years, and also was President of Buffalo Women's 600 Club and served the NYSWBA Board and the Buffalo Area Bowling Council.  CLICK HERE for obituary.
Kenneth D. Coffee (2-12-20)
Rochester NY USBC
Margaret Magoffin (1-3-20)
Mark W. Coogan (1-23-20)
Margaret Morley (1-30-20)
Charles "Chuck" Richards (1-26-20)
Genesee Region USBC
Margaret "Peg" Warner (1-15-20)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Curtis L. Evans (1-23-20)
Jane M. Walter (1-4-20)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Forrest E. Weaver (12-13-19)
Richard A. Fladie (12-20-19)
Phyllis Notaro (12-30-19), Greater Buffalo Hall of Famer
Genesee Region USBC
Carmella "Millie" McVay (12-25-19)
Henry (Hank) Valerych (12-25-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Joan A. Guillet (12-3-19)
Daniel M. Peterson (12-14-19)
Catherine "Gloria" Costello (12-15-19)
Richard Fraleigh (12-24-19)
Theresa Albanese (12-29-19)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Calvin Boyd (12-8-19)

Rochester NY USBC
Florence Warner (11-6-19)
William A. "Bill" Hunt (11-2-19)
Canandaigua USBC
Donna M. Eatherly (11-10-19), A life-long bowling enthusiast and youth bowling coach. Donna dedicated her life to bowling, was inducted into several Bowling Halls of Fame, and held many offices in various bowling organizations. CLICK HERE for obituary.
Staten Island USBC
Michael "Mike" Walczysyzn (11-8-19). CLICK HERE for obituary.
Tri-County NY USBC
John R. Westfall (11-16-19), bowler and husband of Frances Westfall, association director.
Greater Buffalo USBC
John H. Boundy (11-16-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Rose Mary Sicolo (11-6-19)
Charles R. Didymus Sr. (11-29-19)

Rochester NY USBC
Gary S. Holowka (10-22-19)
James Langill Sr. (10-22-19)
Viola "Vi" Harris (10-15-19)
Ithaca USBC
John Capozzi (10-27-19), NYS Hall of Famer (1992) from the Ithaca area.
Albany USBC
Lucille Daignault (10-24-19), past president of the NYS Bowling Writers Assn., NYS Women's 700 Club and Albany WIBC, past secretary of the Albany WIBC and director of the Albany USBC. 
Niagara Falls USBC
Anthony "Tony" Quaranto (10-21-19), former NYS Men's Bowling Association officer and director and Niagara Falls USBC association manager.
Genesee Region USBC
Robert Radley (10-6-19)
Bernice George (10-9-19)
Dorothy "Dot" Koziej (10-9-19)
Tri-County NY USBC
Dale Green (10-15-19)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Charles "Chuck" McKinnon (10-4-19)
Barbara J. Jasin (10-9-19)
Elizabeth A. Hails (10-30-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Edwin F. Christmas (10-16-19)
Sally D. Hallett (10-18-19)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Laura Razzano (10-6-19)
Iva Zajicek (10-26-19)

Genesee Region USBC
Joseph R. (Trigger) Trigilio (9-1-19)
James F. Marciniak (9-30-19)
Rochester NY USBC
Fred Worden (8-20-19)
Anthony J. "Babe" DeMarco (8-12-19)
Patricia E. Bach (8-7-19)
Norma C. Fuller (8-4-19)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Jannie M. Roberts (9-2-19)
Thomas J. Wiesmore (9-4-19)
Mary Ann Grzankowski (9-4-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Thomas E. McGrath (9-11-19)
Howard Snyder (9-19-19)
Janet Bissett Lashway (9-24-19)
Paul Molloy (9-26-19)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Joseph True (9-6-19)
Nadine Morrison (9-7-19)
Howard Miller (9-7-19)
Alfred Foster (9-7-19)

Lake Ontario USBC
Marvin Cathy (8-1-19), proprietor of Parkview Lanes in Wolcott
Genesee Region USBC
Doris C. Ransom (8-17-19)
Jeanette M. Fryer (8-17-19)
John "Jabo" Jablonski (8-25-19)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Susan K. Pullen (8-11-19), Gr Buff Hall of Famer
Timothy P. Berlinski (8-20-19)
James P. Quinn (8-24-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Joanne Swanson (8-1-19)
J. Arthur Charlebois (8-4-19)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Jean Bartholf (8-3-19)
Edward Morgan (8-14-19)
Chuckie Sena (8-16-19)
Virginia McCoy (8-16-19)
Virginia Ferri (8-27-19)

JULY 2019
Fulton USBC
George DeLong (7-26-19)
Rochester NY USBC
Thomas Pisano (7-20-19), age 105; longtime Rochester bowler
Nicholas K. Mabe (7-2-19)
Lake Ontario USBC
Eva Ireland (7-10-19), local association Hall of Famer and former director
Greater Buffalo USBC
Richard L. "Rich" Schlager (7-2-19)
Richard R. Rebilas Sr. (7-14-19)
John A. Jarzynski (7-19-19)
Richard R. Sunday (7-27-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Frank S. Serching (7-8-19)
Dorothy M. Schmader (7-20-19)
Ruth L. Reid (7-21-19)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Charla Mersinger (7-14-19)

JUNE 2019
Genesee Region USBC
Mary Theresa (Marchioli) Sardou (6-29-19), owner and operator, with her son, Thomas, of Viking Valhalla Restaurant at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
Robert J. "Rob" Morith (6-23-2019)
John R. LaFarnara (6-22-2019)
Fulton County Regional USBC
Sandra L. (Sandy) Suchy (6-11-19), recipient of the 2019 NYS USBC Service to Bowling/Community Award and NYS Women's 600 Club member.
Tri-County NY USBC
Gary Kosteczko (6-1-19), husband of Diane Kosteczko, Tri-County NY USBC director.
Rochester NY USBC
Patricia Fedele (6-28-19)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Gerald B. Copperberg Jr. (6-13-19)
Herman N. "Bud" Schwabl (6-13-19), Gr Buff Hall of Famer
Martin J. Payne (6-15-19)
Hudson Valley USBC
Joyce L. Shafer (6-15-19)
MAY 2019
Genesee Region USBC
John Kingdollar (5-21-19)
Rebecca "Becky" Hughson (5-22-19)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Patricia E. Batina (5/19/19)
Robert J. Bengert, Sr. (5/2/19)
Jason D. Bren (5/16/19)
Kenneth L. Jaster (5/20/19)
Betty Maw (5/4/19) - GBUSBCA Hall of Fame
Fulton County Regional USBC
Robert Nellis (5-3-19)
Donald Wilson (5-4-19)
Mary Ellen Eddy (5-17-19)

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