The New York State USBC is an arm of the United States Bowling Congress committed to running fair, successful tournaments for bowlers of all ages; an organization dedicated to promoting the great sport of bowling through Hall of Fame and other special award presentations; a source of information to all bowlers interested in improving their game through coaching and instruction, and a vehicle for our young people to combine their scholastic and bowling abilities to receive college scholarships.

Just as importantly, the New York State USBC is run by regular people who appreciate and recognize those special people -- our bowlers -- who have made an impact by participating in leagues and tournaments, and by supporting their families and friends in the sport, throughout their lives. With that being said, we have created this Memorials page on our website as a final tribute to the men and women who have built and helped sustain organized bowling in New York State.

We invite you to send the names of deceased bowlers, relatives of bowlers and friends of the bowling community for inclusion on this page. Please send information to Mike Pettinella, Association Manager, NYS USBC, 55 Edgewood Drive, Batavia, NY 14020, or by email at We also will be acknowledging our deceased members and family/friends during a Memorial Service at the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. Thank you.

JULY 2014
Wayne County

Louis Ammirati (7-1-14)
Mary Consiglio (7-24-14)
Rochester Area
Patricia A. Voegtle (7-11-14)
Adirondack Area
Madeline T. Hogan (7-3-14)
Shirley E. Busch (7-21-14)
William E. Doner (7-22-14)
Evelyn E. Irish (7-27-14)
JUNE 2014
Genesee Region
Michael F. Pehrson (6-30-14)
Samuel P. Tomaselli (6-27-14)
Rochester Area
Kevin M. Talty (6-3-14)
Long Island Area
Jacquie Simmons (6-24-14)
Adirondack Area
Joseph Manitta (6-1-14)
Stanley J. Miller (6-4-14)
Julia M. Bishop (6-5-14)
Ethel T. Hewlett (6-14-14)
Donald B. Adkins (6-23-14)
Agnes R. LaMore (6-23-14)
Sharon Monroe (6-28-14)

MAY 2014
Adirondack Area
Christie McCane (5-3-14)
Catherine McCarty (5-6-14)
Gary Young (5-7-14)
Barry O'Donnell (5-6-14)
Grace Folts (5-18-14)
Jordan Catellier (5-18-14)
Brian Smith (5-27-14)
Utica Area
Elizabeth "Vi" Bonomo (5-5-14). She served for more than 40 years on the NYS Women's Bowling Association Board of Directors originally as a Director and she retired as a vice-president.  She was inducted into the NYS Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 2006 for Meritorious Service.  She also was a member or chairman of all committees.  She was instrumental in establishing the Scholarship Committee and was a formidable member of the finance committee. Donations may be made to the NYS USBC Scholarship Fund. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
Kingston Area
Ann Filippone (5-3-14)
Albany Area
William "Billy" Harrell (5-6-14)
Southern Tier USBC
Bernard "Red" Godfrey (5-2-14)
Stanley Rigo (5-17-14)
Irene Survilla (5-18-14)
Wayne R. Thompson (5-18-14)
Jeanette (Potter) Lott (5-23-14)
Matthew Rech (5-23-14)
Stephanie H. (Buchel) Gentile (5-23-14)
Esther E. Darrow (5-28-14)

APRIL 2014
Adirondack Area
Bernice Wallman (4-6-14)
Barbara Flint (4-15-14)
Daniel Brandi (4-23-14)
Edward Vincent (4-23-14)
Walton Eddy (4-23-14)
Deborah Thaxton (4-27-14)

Albany USBC
Frances M. McCormick (4-17-14), a member of the NY State Board of Directors for 27 years attaining the position of 2nd Vice President. Fran was also a member of the local and NY State 600 Club and the National Hall of Fame and Capital City 600 Club. She was a life member of the NY State Bowling writers having served as Secretary/Treasurer. Fran also was president of the former Albany WBA for 15 years and was a member of the Albany Hall of Fame. CLICK HERE for her obituary.Hudson Valley USBC
hLance Giancotti (4-3-14)
Sidney E. Smith (4-12-14)
Rochester Area
Gladys B. Moyse (4-26-14)
Southern Tier USBC
George Starley (4-3-14)
Celia Bucher
Patricia A. Page (4-4-14)
Brian Darling (4-14-14)
Larry Pesko (4-14-14)
Roger Hupman (4-17-14)
Fred Floyd Carver (4-19-14)
Crosis Mary Williams (4-24-14)
Howard (Skip) Shelp (4-26-14)
Charles D. Elwood (4-4-14)
MARCH 2014
Johnstown USBC
Donna Lane (3-14-14)
Barbara Smith (3-15-14)
Adirondack USBC
Marion E. Decker (3-3-14)
Wakely R. Morehouse Jr. (3-8-14)
Paul W. Clothiew (3-8-14)
Carl H. French (3-8-14), GFBA Hall of Famer
Jane H. Varney (3-19-14)
Ronald C. Bishop (3-19-14)
Betty Brand (3-24-14), GFWBA Past President
Mary Bernard (3-29-14)
Ann J. Montgomery (3-31-14)

Hudson Valley USBC
David Nauta
Southern Tier USBC
Joan M, Henderson (3-27-14)
Wanda Cole (3-6-14)
Matthew Miller (3-7-14)
Kathleen L. Saliby (3-13-14)
Gale E. Winters (3-15-14)

Stephen Urda (3-24-14)
Genesee Region Area
Mary Lou Rex (3-27-14)
Wayne County Area
Jean Horton (3-14-14), former secretary and Hall of Fame member of the Wayne County USBC WBA.
Rochester USBC Area
Lois S. Brennan (3-2-14)
David M. Plopper (3-20-14)
Rockland County Area
Theresa Hlawatsch (3-16-14)
Johnstown USBC
Madeline Simonson (2-5-14)
Southern Tier USBC
Cecelia Zendarski (2-1-14)
Donald J. Perrault (2-13-14)
Genesee Region USBC
Linda Rae Carrier (2-26-14)

Long Island USBC Area
Mary Jane Tepper (2-25-14)
Rochester USBC Area
Marilyn Durbin (2-24-14)
Ellen Menzie (2-20-14), longtime coordinator of the youth program at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, 2013 recipient of the NYS USBC Service to Youth Award and 2002 recipient of the Rochester Bowling Council Service to Youth Award. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
Barbara J. Moon (2-13-14), former manager of Pleasure Lanes in Hilton.
Johnstown USBC
Nellie Dutcher (1-5-14)
Hudson Valley USBC
Catherine M. Coyle (1-13-14)
Kathleen "Betty" Petrus (1-23-14)
Jean K. Snowden (1-27-14)
Southern Tier USBC
Georgia I. Brink (1-15-14)
Janettte D. Parmalee (1-16-14)
Genesee Region
James Oas (1-26-14)
Rochester Area
Joan Donaghue (1-24-14). Her husband is Rochester USBC BA director and HOFer Pat Donaghue.
Patricia E. Jones (1-21-14)
Norma Spindler (1-16-14)
Elizabeth "Liz" Davis (1-10-14)
Adirondack USBC Area
Edwin Mook Jr. (1-3-14)
Gertrude Chamberlin (1-4-14)
Cecilia A. Jarvis (1-13-14)
David J. Ross III (1-17-14)
Henry "Hank" Robbins (1-26-14)
Sylvia R. Gitto (1-29-14)
Earl L. McKnight (1-30-14)
Long Island USBC Area
Peter Farmer (1-30-14)
Thomas Matty (1-24-14)
Albany USBC Area
Kenneth A. Watson (1-2-14)
Patrick Gara Sr. (1-9-14)
Viola Doriski (1-28-14)
Elmira USBC Area
Michelle Shafer (1-12-14), wife of PBA star Ryan Shafer. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
Mid-Hudson Area
William H. Winship (1-11-14), former Mid-Area Youth Bowling Association president. CLICK HERE for his obituary.

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