ANNUAL MEETING TRIBUTE: Betty Lou Orr (Johnstown USBC WBA) and L. Bruce Harrison (Tonawandas USBC president) pay tribute to members of the NYS bowling community who died over the past bowling season. Many in attendance at Saturday's (May 30) NYS USBC Annual Meeting participated in a Memorial Service prior to the business meeting. Photo by Mike Pettinella/NYS USBC Association Manager.


The New York State USBC is an arm of the United States Bowling Congress committed to running fair, successful tournaments for bowlers of all ages; an organization dedicated to promoting the great sport of bowling through Hall of Fame and other special award presentations; a source of information to all bowlers interested in improving their game through coaching and instruction, and a vehicle for our young people to combine their scholastic and bowling abilities to receive college scholarships.

Just as importantly, the New York State USBC is run by regular people who appreciate and recognize those special people -- our bowlers -- who have made an impact by participating in leagues and tournaments, and by supporting their families and friends in the sport, throughout their lives. With that being said, we have created this Memorials page on our website as a final tribute to the men and women who have built and helped sustain organized bowling in New York State.

We invite you to send the names of deceased bowlers, relatives of bowlers and friends of the bowling community for inclusion on this page. Please send information to Mike Pettinella, Association Manager, NYS USBC, 55 Edgewood Drive, Batavia, NY 14020, or by email at We also will be acknowledging our deceased members and family/friends during a Memorial Service at the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. Thank you.

Long Island USBC
Peter Cardone (8-5-15)
Margaret Miraticca (8-10-15)
Ilse Hirseland (8-17-15)
Genesee Region USBC
Elizabeth A. "Betty" Hakes (8-5-15)

JULY 2015
Long Island USBC
Frank Golesorkhi (7-31-15)
Wayne County USBC WBA
Edith (Edie) Miller (7-31-15)
New York City USBC
Lucile Norris (7-26-15). She is the mother of NYS USBC Director Corinthia Ward.
Ronald 'Pit Bull' Armstrong (7-18-15)
Adirondack USBC
Nancy Ann Winslow (7-2-15)
Robert E. "Bob" Eggleston (7-5-15)
Robert Madison Sr. (7-8-15)
James Paul Webb (7-10-15)
Southern Tier USBC
Blinn Spohn (7-2-15)
Samuel I. Bogart (7-3-15)
Dorothy Webster Brown (7-9-15)

Donald Edward Pierce (7-9-15)
Roger W. Drumm (7-12-15)
Gary deBlieck (7-13-15)
Marian Ulco (7-13-15)
June Catherine Kinney (7-14-15)
Joseph Koloski Jr. (7-19-15)
Minnie Leary (7-28-15)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Hiawatha Bivens, Jr. (7-16-15)
Albert G. Gerhart (7-15-15)
Maureen G. Kline (7-22-15)
William Wnuk (7-22-15)

Bruce N. McIntyre (7-1-15)
Kingston USBC
Frances "Fran" Matilda Howell (7-25-15). She is the mother of Nancy Howell, NYS USBC Youth Committee member. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
JUNE 2015
Southern Tier USBC
Alton H. Carpenter (6-2-15)
Dianna Molyneaux (6-3-15)
Edward F. Nowsckowski (6-10-15)
John Bode (6-12-15)
Robert Jeuck (6-18-15)
Sharon Lynn Lancaster (6-18-15)
Joyce Ann Reinhardt (6-18-15)
Alice E. Smetana (6-18-15)
Robert A. White (6-18-15)
Charles Hantsch (6-21-15)
Milton D. Brubaker (6-25-15)
Greater Buffalo USBC
David L. Colley (6-23-15)
Rachel L. Martin (6-20-15)
Adirondack USBC
Mary Carlino (6-2-15)
Virginia Limbacher (6-7-15)
Thomas Chillemi (6-8-15)
Thomas E. "Tom" Beahan (6-8-15)
Paula R. Carpenter (6-9-15)
Joseph P. Hearl (6-13-15)
oseph S. Belmonte Sr. (6-19-15)

Rochester Area

Margaret "Peg" Martin (6-27-15), proprietor of Parkview Bowl in Rochester.
Greater Buffalo USBC
Timothy E. Minich (6-4-15)
Donald Petko Sr. (6-3-15)
Leon A. Sojka (6-6-15)
Frank T. Diminuco (6-6-15)
MAY 2015
Southern Tier USBC
Donald E. Karn (5-1-15)
Alton H. Carpenter (5-2-15)
Gordon D. Jackson Sr. (5-2-15)
Dianna Molyneaux (5-3-15)
Edward F. Nowackowski (5-10-15)
Lewis J. Barton (5-10-15)
John Bode (5-12-15)
Robert Jeuck (5-18-15)
Alice E. Smetana (5-18-15)
Robert A. White (5-18-15)
Genesee Region USBC
Sybil Adams (5-25-15)
Adirondack USBC

Katherine "Katie" Welch (5-4-15)
Theadore "Ted" Reed (5-8-15)
Hilda A. "Terry" Rice (5-25-15)
Richard "Dick" Kenneally (5-27-15)
Eva T. Stanislowski (5-29-15)
James E. Boller (5-31-15)
reater Buffalo Area
Richard "Dick" Ciprich (5-26-15). CLICK HERE for a story about this Buffalo bowling great.
Hudson Valley
Raymond F. Ball (5-8-15)
Rochester Area
Newman W. Storke (5-8-15)
APRIL 2015
Southern Tier USBC
Dr. Delos Aumock (4-3-15)
Mildred Hubbard (4-5-15)
Diane R. Blanchard (4-6-15)
Irene B. Myers (4-6-15)
John Risko Jr. (4-7-15)
Robert Holmes (4-10-15)
Larry J. Snyder (4-11-15)
Joyce Ksenics (4-13-15)
George Barton (4-20-15)
Betty Jo Fredenberg (4-29-15)
Francis Kosicky (4-30-15)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Edward Donnan (4-8-15)
Margaret "Peggy" Aksztulewicz (4-11-15)
Christine Dager (4-15-15)
Wayne County USBC WBA
Linda Burdick (4-27-15)
Francisco Cruz (4-24-15)
Long Island USBC
Florence McGuire
Joseph Saccante Sr.
Carl Tribuzio (4-15-15)
Adirondack USBC
Rev. Ronald B. Burdett (4-25-15)
Hudson Valley USBC
Kenneth J. Seiferheld Sr. (4-3-15)
Thomas W. Johns Sr. (4-7-15)
Clifford G. Baker (4-15-15)

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