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Boghosian Defeats Brunette for Elmira Rossi Lanes Open Title

Elmira, N.Y. (March 20, 2016) – Brian Boghosian of Springfield, Mass., defeated Jerry Brunette of Rochester, N.Y., 247-182, to win the PBA50 Rossi Lanes Eastern Open at Rossi Lanes Sunday.
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Three NY Youths Among 2016 "Gift for Life" Scholarship Winners

ARLINGTON, Texas - Twelve youth bowlers -- including three New Yorkers -- have been selected by the International Bowling Campus Youth Committee to receive Gift For Life Scholarships in 2016. All 12 of this year's recipients are seniors in high school.
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New York Florida Youths Earn USBC Ambassador Awards

ARLINGTON, Texas – Jenna Rose Harrington of Barneveld, New York, and Daniel Bolan of Orlando, Florida, have been selected as the 2016 United States Bowling Congress Youth Ambassadors of the Year.
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ANNUAL MEETING TRIBUTE: Betty Lou Orr (Johnstown USBC WBA) and L. Bruce Harrison (Tonawandas USBC president) pay tribute to members of the NYS bowling community who died over the past bowling season. Many in attendance at Saturday's (May 30) NYS USBC Annual Meeting participated in a Memorial Service prior to the business meeting. Photo by Mike Pettinella/NYS USBC Association Manager.


The New York State USBC is an arm of the United States Bowling Congress committed to running fair, successful tournaments for bowlers of all ages; an organization dedicated to promoting the great sport of bowling through Hall of Fame and other special award presentations; a source of information to all bowlers interested in improving their game through coaching and instruction, and a vehicle for our young people to combine their scholastic and bowling abilities to receive college scholarships.

Just as importantly, the New York State USBC is run by regular people who appreciate and recognize those special people -- our bowlers -- who have made an impact by participating in leagues and tournaments, and by supporting their families and friends in the sport, throughout their lives. With that being said, we have created this Memorials page on our website as a final tribute to the men and women who have built and helped sustain organized bowling in New York State.

We invite you to send the names of deceased bowlers, relatives of bowlers and friends of the bowling community for inclusion on this page. Please send information to Mike Pettinella, Association Manager, NYS USBC, 55 Edgewood Drive, Batavia, NY 14020, or by email at We also will be acknowledging our deceased members and family/friends during a Memorial Service at the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. Thank you.

New York City bowling leader passes away

We are sad to report that Norma Wright, a longtime bowling tournament group leader from the Bronx, died on Sept. 28. Norma was a fixture at the NYS USBC annual meeting and at state tournaments, where she would organize groups of 70 or more. Norma was 80.
CLICK HERE for information about funeral services.
CLICK HERE for an article about Norma when she was inducted into the New York City USBC Hall of Fame in 2013.

APRIL 2016
Albany USBC
Bruce Ottmer (4-21-16), former NYS Senior Tournament champion
Tri-County NY USBC
James Reilly (4-4-16)

MARCH 2016
Long Island USBC
Linda Diorio (3-3-16)
Linda Thomas (3-22-16), mother of associaton director Richie Thomas.
Rochester USBC WBA
Mary Schmerbeck (3-2-16). Mary was on a RWBA director from 1973-80.
Adirondack USBC
Mark Latterell (3-2-16)
Southern Tier USBC
Anthony (Tony) Potenziano (3-1-16), Hall of Famer
Stephen C. Kraly (3-7-16)
Thomas Vill (3-8-16)
Peter Scarantino (3-10-16)
Donna M. Pembridge (3-18-16)
Judy M. Lord (3-18-16)

Fulton USBC BA
Vincent Vescio (2-28-16)
Southern Tier USBC
Edward (Mac) MacBeth (2-1-16)
Winifred J. Layton (2-8-16)
Sara Nichol Whitney (2-14-16)
Margaret (Peggy) Marshall Pier (2-21-16)
Doris J Bobek (2-22-16)
Betty Elizabeth Voorhis (2-24-16)
John J. Zielinski (2-24-16)
Marian P. Stanton (2-26-16)
Carol Ann Macumber (2-27-16)

Niagara Falls USBC WBA
Florence Bloom (2-26-16), former secretary and Hall of Famer 
Adirondack USBC
Dorothy Brown (2-7-16)
William Pike (2-22-16)
Wayne Co. USBC WBA
Karen A. Boynton (2-22-16)
Long Island USBC
Debra Andrino (2-6-16), daughter of Norma Andrino, past director of Nassau County Women's Bowling Assn.
Rochester USBC BA/WBA
George D. Jaffarian (2-1-16)
Theodore P. Serbu Sr. (2-1-16)
Emily T. Kotowicz (2-20-16)
Genesee Region USBC
Jane M. Laesser (2-12-16)



Long Island USBC
William Christiansen (1-26-16)
Albany USBC
Kim Julien-Brown (1-28-16). Kim was a member of the Albany USBC Hall of Fame and the Troy USBC Hall of Fame -- both for superior performance. She was bowling's best friend in the Capital District area as a sponsor of teams, leagues and tournaments.
Genesee Region USBC
Carmine "Sam" Scopano (1-27-16), proprietor of Scopano's Paradise Lanes in Oakfield and a Genesee Region USBC Hall of Famer (2015). Calling hours are set for Friday, Jan. 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Burdett & Sanford Funeral Home in Oakfield.
Charles Bobo (1-10-16)
MId-Hudson USBC
Patricia Ross (1-13-16)
Staten Island USBC
Gayle C. DeHart (1-15-16), mother of NYS USBC Vice President Liz DeHart. CLICK HERE for obituary.
Adirondack USBC
Sandy Catone (1-17-16)
Garry Pitt (1-18-16)
Earl Lee Hanley (1-22-16)
Jane M. Normile (1-30-16)
Jennie Celeste (1-19-16)
Southern Tier USBC
Joan Crammer (1-1-16)
Keith B. French Jr. (1-3-16)
Robert I. (Bob) Cook (1-5-16)
Myrna J. DuMond (1-5-16)
Delires E. (Dee) Keeler (1-7-16)
Thomas M. Rago Sr. (1-11-16)
Richard D, Clendening (1-12-16)
George Warren Gohl (1-12-16)
Norma S. Ayres (1-19-16)
James Kenneth Friedah (1-28-16)
Douglas I. Messersmith (1-29-16)
Joyce E. Snyder (1-30-16)
Robin L. Merrell (1-31-16)

Jamestown Area USBC
Mary Louise Corkery (12-2-15), New York State USBC Hall of Famer and past president of the Jamestown Women's Bowling Association.
Mid-Hudson USBC
Margaret Hunter (12-2-15)
Southern Tier USBC
Earl Moore (12-2-15)
Helen K. Clark (12-3-15)
Jean Pietryska (12-4-15)
Virginia Yost Hill (12-6-15)
William A. Libous (12-15-15)
Eugene (Gene) Ash (12-18-15)
Ann Blishak (12-22-15)
Olivia M. Guiles (12-24-15)
Gerald Tull (12-25-15)
Clair Hall (12-27-15)
Keith B. French Sr. (12-31-15)
Phyllis J. Newman (12-31-15)
Adirondack USBC
Paul Clum (12-6-15)
Dana Bruce Roy (12-16-15)
Bruce Hogstrand (12-18-15)
Betty Lou Fitzgerald (12-19-15)
Rochester USBC WBA
Patricia A. Schuhart (12-24-15)
Johnstown USBC WBA
David Stuart Jr. (12-7-15)
Jean Persch (12-30-15)
Niagara Falls USBC WBA
Millie Gonzalez (12-24-15), NFUSBCWBA Hall of Famer.
Long Island USBC
Lois Smith (12-21-15)
Wayne County USBC WBA
James L. Nevlezer (12-6-15)
Fulton USBC BA
Victor J. Sciortino (12-10-15)
Rockland County USBC
Catherine F Lesica (12-9-15), former owner/operator, along with late husband, Charles, of Pearl River Lanes.
Niagara Falls USBC WBA
Anne Cramb (11-30-15), past board member.
Southern Tier USBC
Omar Truesdell (11-4-15)
Lawrence A. Martin Sr. (11-6-15)
Donald Jack Eiklor (11-8-15)
Cynthia Gorden-Fielder (11-12-15)
Dorothy Sedlacek (11-17-15)
Gerald L. "Gary" Rubert (11-17-15)
Robert Michael Brutvan (11-23-15)
Elinor I. Latta (11-25-15)
Elizabeth A. Libujeski (11-27-15)
Adirondack USBC
Marilyn "Mereill" Grant (11-13-15)
John Sefren (11-1-15)
Beverly K. Montgomery (11-6-15)
Tom Corlew (11-14-15)
Elizabeth A. Toman (11-19-15)
Bruce Lemelin (11-27-15)

Wayne County USBC WBA
Jackie Yonker (11-12-15)
Long Island USBC
Mary Martinez (11-22-15), mother of LIUSBC President Anthony Martinez
Elaine Doctorow (11-23-15), sister of NYS USBC Director Doc Doctorow
Greater Buffalo USBC
Dorothy F. Forrest (11-7-15)
Sherwin W. Lape (11-21-15)
Gloria J. Mis (11-18-15)
Harold F. "Skip" Ritzman (11-12-15)
Jason R. Sprada (11-10-15)
Rochester USBC WBA
Helen J. Unterborn (11-5-15)
Benjamin R. Daley (11-27-15), 15-years-old, ATV accident, son of Jennifer Daley.
Adirondack USBC
Lee Rivers (10-29-15)
Southern Tier USBC
Bertha A. Swidginski (10-2-15)
Robert R. Aton Sr. (10-3-15)
Betty A. Ihnot (10-4-15)
Norman D. Reynolds (10-5-15)
Irene Robinson Haskins (10-12-15)
Shawn Fern Livingston (10-15-15)
Jean Williams (10-15-15)
Robert G. Pogar Sr. (10-20-15)
Charlotte Hulbert Oliphant (10-31-15)
Lawrence Tokarchik (10-31-15)
Niagara Falls USBC WBA
Flora Stone (10-21-15), NF WBA Hall of Famer and charter member who was recognized for 50 years of membership in 2001.
Long Island USBC
Debbie Kress (10-23-15), Long Island bowling hall of famer.
Greater Buffalo USBC
Henry W. Bell, Sr. (10-4-15)
John F. Kominarek (10-9-15)
Matthew A. Pries (10-1-15)
Steve P. Dan, Sr. (10-22-15)
Jean E. Gallmeyer (10-29-15)
Rochester USBC WBA
Darlene Lund (10-7-15)
Michael Shannon (10-8-15)
Adirondack USBC
Donald Kortz (10-11-15)
Evelyn June (Tripp) Layhee (10-30-15)
Mae E. (Osberg) Laing (10-31-15)

Adirondack USBC
John F. Pullen (9-8-15)
Sandy Jeanne Corentto (9-12-15)
Mid-Hudson USBC
Alexander Kotwas (9-4-15) 

Rochester USBC WBA
Joan Tross (9-26-15)
Roberta Celento (9-7-15)
Tri-County NY USBC
Jamie Willis (9-8-15), Tri-County NY USBC Hall of Famer, director and youth bowling director at Minisink Lanes. 
Greater Buffalo USBC
Delphine “Dolly” Gozdziak (9-12-15)
David C. Pasternak (9-2-15)
Bernadette M. Lukaszewski (9-21-15)

Chen Del O USBC
Bastine "Bucky" Caracciolo (9-1-15)

Long Island USBC
Marie Baxter (9-21-15), NCWBA director and Hall of Famer.
Southern Tier USBC
Daniel J. Keating (9-1-15)
Russell V. Grant (9-2-15)
Sally Turney (9-6-15)
Donald F. Lesko (9-9-15)
Clifford Thomas (9-10-15)
James D. Davis (9-15-15)
Charles M. Hovancik Jr. (9-17-15)
Gerald Lewis DPhillip (9-18-15)
Albert "Drew" Gooley Jr. (9-21-15)
Anthony Peter Resciniti (9-22-15)

Johnstown USBC WBA
Nancy Curtis (8-31-15)
Southern Tier USBC
Phyllis Jane Soltis (8-2-15)\
Lloyd David Lindsey (8-3-15)
Harry G. Babcock (8-4-15)
John D. Shaw Jr. (8-5-15)

Cosimo A. Grassi (813-15)
Anne J. Harter (8-15-15)
Elaine C. Mahoski (8-20-15)
Blair H. Atwood (8-23-15)
Bernard J. Pochily (8-25-15)
Angeline Pantzer
Galusha Boulton (8-31-15)

Rochester USBC WBA
Ross E. Schroll (8-20-15)
Long Island USBC
Peter Cardone (8-5-15)
Margaret Miraticca (8-10-15)
Ilse Hirseland (8-17-15)
Genesee Region USBC
Elizabeth A. "Betty" Hakes (8-5-15)
Adirondack USBC
Paul D. Mosher (8-9-15)
New York City USBC
Lydia Bastone (8-29-15)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Agnes G. Roger (8-11-15)

JULY 2015
Mid-Hudson USBC
Alphonso Crisci (7-30-15)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Paul Luft (7-30-15)
Niagara Falls Area
Robert O. Steinjan Sr. (7-9-15)
Adirondack USBC
Jason Rose (7-29-15)
Long Island USBC
Frank Golesorkhi (7-31-15)
Wayne County USBC WBA
Edith (Edie) Miller (7-31-15)
New York City USBC
Lucile Norris (7-26-15). She is the mother of NYS USBC Director Corinthia Ward.
Ronald 'Pit Bull' Armstrong (7-18-15)
Adirondack USBC
Nancy Ann Winslow (7-2-15)
Robert E. "Bob" Eggleston (7-5-15)
Robert Madison Sr. (7-8-15)
James Paul Webb (7-10-15)
Southern Tier USBC
Blinn Spohn (7-2-15)
Samuel I. Bogart (7-3-15)
Dorothy Webster Brown (7-9-15)

Donald Edward Pierce (7-9-15)
Roger W. Drumm (7-12-15)
Gary deBlieck (7-13-15)
Marian Ulco (7-13-15)
June Catherine Kinney (7-14-15)
Joseph Koloski Jr. (7-19-15)
Minnie Leary (7-28-15)
Greater Buffalo USBC
Hiawatha Bivens, Jr. (7-16-15)
Albert G. Gerhart (7-15-15)
Maureen G. Kline (7-22-15)
William Wnuk (7-22-15)

Bruce N. McIntyre (7-1-15)
Kingston USBC
Frances "Fran" Matilda Howell (7-25-15). She is the mother of Nancy Howell, NYS USBC Youth Committee member. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
JUNE 2015
Mid-Hudson USBC
John H. Howell (6-10-15)
Johnstown USBC WBA
Richard "Dick" Bartholf (6-8-15)
Southern Tier USBC
Alton H. Carpenter (6-2-15)
Dianna Molyneaux (6-3-15)
Edward F. Nowsckowski (6-10-15)
John Bode (6-12-15)
Robert Jeuck (6-18-15)
Sharon Lynn Lancaster (6-18-15)
Joyce Ann Reinhardt (6-18-15)
Alice E. Smetana (6-18-15)
Robert A. White (6-18-15)
Charles Hantsch (6-21-15)
Milton D. Brubaker (6-25-15)
Greater Buffalo USBC
David L. Colley (6-23-15)
Rachel L. Martin (6-20-15)
Adirondack USBC
Mary Carlino (6-2-15)
Virginia Limbacher (6-7-15)
Thomas Chillemi (6-8-15)
Thomas E. "Tom" Beahan (6-8-15)
Paula R. Carpenter (6-9-15)
Joseph P. Hearl (6-13-15)
oseph S. Belmonte Sr. (6-19-15)

Rochester Area

Margaret "Peg" Martin (6-27-15), proprietor of Parkview Bowl in Rochester.
Greater Buffalo USBC
Timothy E. Minich (6-4-15)
Donald Petko Sr. (6-3-15)
Leon A. Sojka (6-6-15)
Frank T. Diminuco (6-6-15)

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