41st NYS Open Senior Championships -- RESULTS

Six-Game Combine Winners Represent Six Associations

OCTOBER 22, 2019 – Bowlers representing six local associations captured Six-Game Combine titles as the 41st NYS Open Senior Championships concluded its two-weekend run at Sportsmans Bowl in Schenectady on Sunday.

The leads in three age classifications changed hands over the weekend with Richard Lambrecht (Seven Valley USBC), Robert Rudnick Jr. (Greater Buffalo USBC) and Charles Trudell (Central New York USBC) moving into the top spot in the 55-59, 65-69 and 70-74 divisions, respectively.

Leaders in the three other age groups held on to first place.

Troy McClure (Rochester NY USBC) successfully defended his title in the 50-54 division, while John Sponable (Southern Tier USBC) and Glenn MacDougall (Fulton USBC) are on top in the 60-64 and 75-up age groups.

Six-Game Combine champions will be eligible to represent New York State at the 2020 USBC Senior Championships next summer in Louisville, Ky., with entry fees paid by the NYS USBC.

Divisional leaders are as follows:

Six-Game Combine

50-54 – Troy McClure (Rochester NY USBC), 1,485; Timothy Hunt Sr. (Columbia Greene USBC), 1,458; Anna Porter (Finger Lakes NY USBC), 1,449.

50-55 – Richard Lambrecht (Seven Valley USBC), 1,481; Kenneth Dubois (Central NY USBC), 1,490; Sam Monroe Jr. (Mid-Hudson USBC), 1,475.

60-64 – John Sponable (Southern Tier USBC), 1,493; Richard Winters (Tri-County NY USBC), 1,470; Kimberly Wilson (Troy USBC), 1,462.

65-69 – Robert Rudnick Jr. (Greater Buffalo USBC), 1,461; Richard Otto (Adirondack USBC), 1,460; Janet Argus (Albany USBC), 1,432.

70-74 – Charles Trudell (Central New York USBC), 1,466; John Maloy (Mid-Hudson USBC), 1,425; Alan Amodeo (Adirondack USBC), 1,393.

75-Up – Glenn MacDougall (Fulton USBC), 1,506; Ronald Lyon Sr. (Jamestown Area USBC), 1,423; Robert Moyer Sr. (Southern Tier USBC), 1,420.


50-54 – Darren Camp and Jeffrey Lafave (Adirondack USBC), 1,562; Pamela Carney and Stephen Smith Jr. (Chen Del O USBC), 1,480; Kenneth Hoalcraft and Dennis Van Gorden (Central New York USBC), 1,426.

55-59 – William Young and Richard Lambrecht (Seven Valley USBC), 1,477; Richard Kopacz and Sam Monroe Jr. (Mid-Hudson USBC), 1,468; Pamela and Gary Burns (Southern Tier USBC), 1,461.

60-64 – Richard Winters and Robert Fix II (Tri-County NY USBC), 1,537; Mike Aumick and Robert Fix II (Tri-County NY USBC), 1,461; Peter Pilaroscia and Patrick Bruton (Rochester NY USBC), 1,407.

65-69 – Jack Scaccia Jr. and Arthur Van Buren (Albany USBC), 1,445; Edwin Peterson and John Sponable (Southern Tier USBC), 1,434; Charles Trudell and David Demperio (Central New York USBC), 1,381.

70-74 – Thomas LaPenna and Gary Kinyon (Lockport USBC), 1,381; Robert Mossotti and Vincent Porcelli (Central NY USBC), 1,365; Ron Kohler and Judy Gagliardi (Albany USBC), 1,331.

75-up – Chris McGilvray and Glenn MacDougall (Fulton USBC), 1,420; Maria Johansen and Robert Tyler (Hudson Valley USBC), 1,334; John Scaia II and Nick DeSantis Sr. (Central New York USBC), 1,304.


50-54 – Stephen Marsh (Mid-Hudson USBC), 784; William Bigelow Jr. (Central NY USBC), 749; Scott Rogers (Schenectady USBC), 747.

55-59 – Sam Monroe Jr. (Mid-Hudson USBC), 775; Marsha Williams (Mid-Hudson USBC), 760; Gene Speenburgh (Columbia Greene USBC), 748.

60-64 – Kimberly Wilson (Troy USBC), 765; Peter Lanza (Schenectady USBC), 761; Robert Wiley (Rochester NY USBC), 759.

65-69 – Robert Rudnick Jr. (Greater Buffalo USBC), 804; Wayne Potter (Canandaiga USBC), 749; Mike Gallitelli (Schenectady USBC), 747.

70-74 – Frederick Marx (Schenectady USBC), 765; Charles Trudell (Central NY USBC), 759; Alan Amodeo (Adirondack USBC), 747.

75-up – Robert Moyer Sr. (Southern Tier USBC), 775; Ronald Lyon Sr. (Jamestown Area USBC), 741; Glenn MacDougall (Fulton USBC), 740.

Highlights of the weekend:

-- Rudnick, 300 game and 777 series in Singles;
-- Lambrecht and Hoalcraft, 299 games and 778 and 769 series, respectively, in Doubles;
-- Potter and Gallitelli, 290 games in Singles;
-- Marsh, 779 in Singles.

Chet Ciembroniewicz (Schenectady USBC) won the MOTIV bowling ball.

The New York State USBC wishes to thank the Schenectady USBC officers and directors and the management and staff of Sportsmans Bowl for their support during the tournament, which was successful in every way. The tournament attracted 130 Doubles teams, surpassing last year's total by 16.


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