The New York State USBC is an arm of the United States Bowling Congress committed to running fair, successful tournaments for bowlers of all ages; an organization dedicated to promoting the great sport of bowling through Hall of Fame and other special award presentations; a source of information to all bowlers interested in improving their game through coaching and instruction, and a vehicle for our young people to combine their scholastic and bowling abilities to receive college scholarships.

Just as importantly, the New York State USBC is run by regular people who appreciate and recognize those special people -- our bowlers -- who have made an impact by participating in leagues and tournaments, and by supporting their families and friends in the sport, throughout their lives. With that being said, we have created this Memorials page on our website as a final tribute to the men and women who have built and helped sustain organized bowling in New York State.

We invite you to send the names of deceased bowlers, relatives of bowlers and friends of the bowling community for inclusion on this page. Please send information to Angelo Corradino, Association Manager, NYS USBC, 9 Tanager Rd, Brewster, NY 10508, or by email at We also will be acknowledging our deceased members and family/friends during a Memorial Service at the NYS USBC Annual Meeting. Thank you.


May 2024

Corning USBC
Corey Davis

April 2024

Auburn USBC
Margaret Lancaster, NYS Hall of Fame Member.

Corning USBC
Kay Lane

Fulton County Regional USBC
Patricia Oare, grandmother of bowler Danielle Davis.
Nina Kupciunas, bowler, mother of bowler, Deborah Lobdell-Cook, aunt of Jimmy Wiedemann, great-aunt to bowlers, Teddy Wiedemann, Stacey and Mike Hume, all bowlers.
Lillian Chase, bowler.

March 2024

Corning USBC
Terry Dieter

Fulton County Regional USBC
Mark Darling Sr., father of Mark Darling Jr., bowler.
Shelley Beck, mother of bowler, Mike Hume and mother in law to Stacey Hume. 

February 2024

Fulton County Regional USBC
John Forsey Jr., brother of bowler Deb Frye.
Scott Zabawczuk Sr., bowler, husband of Leslie, father of Scott Jr. and Kevin, all bowlers.

January 2024

Corning USBC
Warren Blackwell
Gary Fisher
Francis Toby
Kevin Walter

Fulton County Regional USBC
Marjorie Fountain, mother of bowler Sue Conine.
Calvin Knudsen, bowler and son to bowlers, Joel and Gloria Knudsen Sr. Also, the brother to bowler, Joel Knudsen Jr.
William Van Lone, brother to bowler Connie Hladik, brother-in-law to bowler Rudy Hladik, Uncle to bowlers, Kathy, Marv, Kait-lyn and Trey Meher. Also Uncle to bowlers, Lisa, Brad and Megan Hayner.

Southern Tier USBC
Mary Ellen Cuevas
Larry T. Forkey 
Robert J. Gadus
Timothy P. Giblin

Westchester County USBC
Marge Roszkowski

December 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Christopher Cole, brother of bowler Jay Putnam and brother in law to bowler, Mike Szurek.
Terri Romeyn

Southern Tier USBC
Shannon E. Degnan
Edwin D. Dougherty Jr.
John (Jack) E. Herrick
Glenn E. Hopler
James R. Howe
Lars G. Peterson Sr
Mary A. Roadcap

November 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Walter Gannon, father of bowlers, Walter Gannon and Will Gannon. Also Uncle to bowler Burton Wilson
Sandra Hackbirth, sister of bowler Merry Lynne Gay Moyer.
Walter Joslin, husband of bowler Lee Jay Joslin.

Soutern Tier USBC
Sally A. Cole, STUSBC Hall of Fame Member
Richard J. Haskell
Patrick M. Murray
William P. Pingarelli

October 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Robert Handy Sr., grandfather of bowler Tyler Handy
Stephanie Persico, mother of bowler Paula Salatel

Soutern Tier USBC
Ann K. Barton
Edith M. Faatz
Gary E. Rozelle

Westchester County USBC
Frank Nieli

September 2023

Corning USBC
Ronald Becker, Sr
Rita Cotter

Fulton County Regional USBC
Sal Attigliato, nephew to bowler, Shawn Glionna, cousin to bowlers Trey Carlito and Shawn Glionna Jr
Garrett Hadcock, nephew of bowler Jay Hadcock Sr., cousin of bowlers Jay and Cabrina Hadcock Jr.
Garry Scribner, father of bowler Aaron Scribner.
Doug Dorman, father of bowler Michael Dorman.
Trevor Samuelson, bowler.
Ed Zeidner, bowler.

Southern Tier USBC
Christopher J. DeWolfe
Megan E. O'Hearn
Marlene L. Wolfinger

August 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Pauline Kawczak, wife of bowler Roger Kawczak, sister to bowler, Michele Houghtailing, sister in law to bowler, Kevin Houghtailing Sr. and aunt of bowler Kevin Houghtailing Jr.

July 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Carol Hadcock, mother of bowler Jay Hadcock Sr, grandmother of bowlers Jay and Cabrina Hadcock Jr.
DG Ambrosino, bowler and brother of bowler Craig Ambrosino.
Mike Urban, father of bowler Brittany Marshall and father in law to bowler Jeremy Marshall.
Phyllis Berger, bowler
Jim Handy, father of bowler Jim Handy.
Daryl Baldwin, bowler.

Westchester County USBC
Walter Hauck, Bowler, Head Men's and Women's Bowling Coach Westchester Community College, NJCAA Bowling Coaches Association President
Charles "Chuck" Vigliotti, Bowler

June 2023

Westchester County USBC
Kathy Mueller, Friend of Bowling & Relative to Paul Gabrielle & Families
Darlene Fata, Bowler

May 2023

Westchester County USBC
Nora Reis, Mother of Association Manager Barbara Campisi

April 2023

Westchester County USBC
Trevor Ellington

March 2023

New York State USBC
Robert Walaweneder, Husband of Maresse Wager-Walaweneder, NYSUSBC Director

Fulton County Regional USBC
Elizabeth Savoie, Grandmother of bowler Alicia Savoie.

February 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Colleen Emrick, Mother of bowler Audra Trembley.

Westchester USBC
Giuseppe "Joe" Giordano, Co-Owner Jefferson Valley Lanes 

January 2023

Fulton County Regional USBC
Mary Ann Bradbury, Grandmother of bowler Hunter Meher

Seven Valley USBC
Peter Sheridan, NYSUSC HOF 2017, Seven Valley USBC HOF 1973, Former Proprietor Recreation Lanes

December 2022

Fulton Couty Reginal USBC
Donald Beach
Kenneth Loveless, Father to Alan Earley and Matthew Fagant, brother to Michelle, brother in law to Kevin Sr. And uncle to Kevin Houghtailing Jr.
Barbara Frederick, Daughter of Jackie Starin

Greater Buffalo USBC
Nancy Walczyk, former longtime association manager of the New York State Women’s Bowling Association and recipient of the 2014 Helen Baker Award from the United States Bowling Congress

November 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Bill Andrest

Westchester County USBC
Joan Battipaglia

October 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Mary Ellen Cromer
Barbara A. Warner
Marion Barber.

September 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Bill Whitehouse, Brother to Tami and brother in law to Aaron Miller

Westchester County USBC
Kevin Kelly

August 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Terry Thompson

July 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Sharon Antis
Richard Hauser (husband of bowler Irene Hauser)

June 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Kimberly Mashhadi

May 2022

Corning USBC
Donald L. Millhollen.

Fulton County Regional USBC
Patricia Murphy - Appeared on the television show, "Bowling for Dollars" in 1973

April 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Laura Jean Lander - Sister of bowler Derek Lyons.

March 2022

Corning USBC
Brion T. Farr, co-owner of Crystal Lanes bowling center in Corning, died March 5 in what seems to be an accident involving pin setting equipment at the business
Richard Rhoads
Tony Sofia

Fulton County Regional USBC
John DiMarco - bowler
Michael Philo - Son of bowler Paulette Lewek and nephew of bowler Kathy Hallenbeck.
Theodore Wiedemann Jr. - Father of bowler Teddy Wiedemann, father of bowler Stacy Hume and brother of bowler James Wiedemann.

Westchester USBC
Anthony "Tony/Poppy" LaPadula. Sr.

February 2022

Corning USBC
Edward Kizis

Fulton County Regional USBC
Larry J. Ambrosino - Former owner and operator of Starlite Lanes in Gloversville, NY, bowler and father of bowler Betty Daley.

January 2022

Fulton County Regional USBC
Robert C. Nourse - Grandfather of bowler Kathy Williams.

Westchester USBC
Nicholas "Nick" Grecco
Joe Hone, Sr.
Anthony "Tony" Mitchell
Beverly Strang

December 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Jill Wilson - Mother of bowler Burton Wilson.
Linda French
Raymond Horton - Brother of bowler Homer Horton and brother-in-law to bowler Wilma Horton.
James A. Sweet - Father of bowler Jim Sweet and grandfather of bowler Alic Sweet.

Southern Tier USBC
Gail Jake
George "Butch" McNeill.

Rockland USBC & Westchester USBC
Albert L Carmen, Father of bowler Roy Carmen

November 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Jeanette Wilson - Mother of bowler Alex Wilson.
Kiley Carden - Sister-in-law of bowler Tom Cole and daughter-in-law of bowler Ken Carden.
Ginger Perham - Sister of bowler Mona Cole and aunt of bowler Tom Cole.

Southern Tier USBC
Patricia Caldwell
Diane Sherwood

Westchester USBC
Lori Wolf-Block

October 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Harry Hoffman - Brother of bowler Caroline Weil.
Beverly Ashby - Mother of bowler Kim Mashhadi.

Southern Tier USBC
Albert Harrington
John Legge
Mark Yurko

Westchester USBC
Thomas "Tom" Barone
Robert "Bob" Wirchansky

September 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Barbara Frolke - Fulton County Regional USBC Board Member, wife of bowler and Fulton County Regional USBC Board Member Jim Frolke.

Southern Tier USBC
Theodore "Ted" Woodward Jr.

Westchester USBC
Henry Koenig

August 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Susan Kubovcsak - Sister of bowler Mark Billa.
John Nauroth - Father-in-law of bowler Kelly Nauroth.

July 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Thomas Billa - Brother of bowler Mark Billa
Liz Kadle

June 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Frank Ripple.

Westchester USBC
Maria Venturini

May 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Randy Rulison Sr.

April 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Bradley Hayner - Grandfather of bowler Bradley Hayner

Westchester USBC
Vinny Tavano Jr
Bobby Chaco

March 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Audrey Bowman
Alvin Waffle - Father of bowler Eric Waffle and uncle to bowler Tami Miller.

Hudson Valley USBC
Jeanette Chapman
Charles Pfeifer

Westchester USBC
Richard Potenza

February 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Edward Billa - Brother of bowler Mark Billa.
Christine Petersen.

Hudson Valley USBC
John M Canning Sr
Edward G Fratz
Dolores Garrison
Josephine M McGann
Thomas Lee Rugar

Westchester USBC
Rich Carey
Robert Rodriquez
Richard Riguzzi

January 2021

Fulton County Regional USBC
Allen Fox Sr. - Father of bowler Martha Foster and father-in-law of bowler, Jeff Francisco.
Karen Holly, wife of bowler Ron Holly.

Long Island USBC
Jim Macguire - Former LIUSBC, Eastern Long Island & Long Island Youth Bowling Association Manager

Hudson Valley USBC
Paul H Becker
Robert Pink
Kurtis D Torell
William A Yager Sr.

Westchester & NYC USBC
Tom Kosior
Johanna "Jo" Limkiller - Co-Owner Homefield Bowl & Trustee for Westchester County Junior Bowling Scholarship Fund
Rudy "Double R" Rodriguez

Long Island USBC
Jim Macguire - Former LIUSBC, Eastern Long Island & Long Island Youth Bowling Association Manager

December 2020

Fulton County Regional USBC
Edward Thompson - father of bowler Terry Thompson
Norma Cozzolino - mother of bowler Maria Cozzolino
Betty Lou Clark - mother of bowler Terri Mohrman and mother in law of bowler Benny Sturgess
Ralph E. "Pete" Stewart
Anthony Ambrosio

Hudson Valley USBC
Mary Ann Page

November 2020

Hudson Valley USBC
Andrew M Daniels
Ronald R Duclos
Paul O Hadden

October 2020

Fulton County Regional USBC
Peggy Carpenter - mother of bowler Jody Miller, and mother in law to bowler Eric Miller
Joseph Alfred Elie Joubert - father of Terry Murray, bowler, secretary of many leagues, as well as Secretary of the Fulton County Regional USBC

Hudson Valley USBC
Patricia Ann Chamuris
Nora Jean St Jean
Barbara VanNostrand Roe

Rochester USBC
Donald H. Kaiser

Westchester County USBC
Alex Ceruzzi, Bowler & Co-Owner of the Snack Bar at Former Rye Ridge Lanes
Ora Beechum
Clyde Berry

September 2020

Fulton County Regional USBC
Liz Taylor -  Board Member and Chaplain
Neil Wicklund - father of bowler Ken Wicklund
Heather Frolke - bowler and daughter of bowlers and Fulton County Regional USBC board members Barbara and Jim Frolke||
Nancy Hulbert, bowler

Hudson Valley USBC
Nancy Corrado
Jacqueline Schroeder

Rochester USBC
Ann P. Bills

New York City USBC and Westchester County USBC
Anne Corradino, mother of NYSUSBC Association Manager Angelo Corradino and long time manager of Post Bowl in White Plains
Anthony Buonaiuto
Michael Mercadante
Violet Brown, Mother of bowler Demitrius (Honda) Brown
Leonard Rhock, Father of Bowler Kevin Kelley

August 2020

Richard "Dick" Ritger - PBA, ABC & USBC Hall of Famer, Founder of Dick Ritger Bowling Camp click here for obituary. 

Fulton County Regional USBC
Mary Antoinette Giardino -  past part owner of the Johnstown Bowling Center and mother of bowler, Jim Handy
Mary Jo Pedrick - sister of bowler, Georgia Dutcher

Hudson Valley USBC
Donald C Miller
Ethel Mae Camburn
Dolores J. Scott

Long Island USBC
Sid Weihs - Long time board member and Hall of Famer click here for obituary. See message from LIUSBC president Anthony Martinez click here

Rochester USBC
Ann Marie Skatell
Theodora M. "Teddy" Bianchi

July 2020

Fulton County Regional USBC
Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor, Liz was a "friend" of the NYS USBC, assisting with the Memorial Service at the Annual Meeting and serving as a delegate. She is in the photo above with Director Dan Solimine. CLICK HERE for obituary.

Hudson Valley USBC
Elsie Cronk
Viola L Rhule

Rochester NY USBC
Gregory W. Moore
Michele Batiste
Ronald E. Loth
Betty J. "BJ" Steinfeldt
Deborah A. Bence

Westchester County USBC
Ellen Jean (EJ) Kearns
Don A. Fernandez, Sr.

June 2020

Rochester NY USBC
William (Bill) Starken
Lorraine A. Kern
Dominic Quinz

Greater Buffalo USBC
Shirley A. Glodowski

May 2020

Long Island USBC
Michael Serigano, LIUSBC director and general manager at Coram Country Lanes.
Steve Abrams. longtime high school/youth coach
Dowell Milliken
Catherine Acciari

Hudson Valley USBC
Patricia Yergy

Rochester NY USBC
Michael Rose Sr., father of USBC Open champion Mike Rose Jr.
Lila Fournier, wife of Marcel Fournier, former proprietor of Olympic Bowl in Rochester and NYS Hall of Famer.
Kenneth McClure

Greater Buffalo USBC
Nancy R. Ross
Michael A. Willard
Gerald Zientara Jr.

Westchester County USBC
Olinthia Small

April 2020

Westchester County USBC
Douglas "Duck" Childs, vice president of the Al Williams Classic League in Yonkers and bowler of his first 300 game in February 2019. 
Silverio "Sil" Mazzella, Complications from COVID-19
Bobby DiMicelli
Lena Ceruzzi, Co-Owner of the Snack Bar at Former Rye Ridge Lanes

Long Island USBC
Regina Traina, former LI USBC office manager and director.
Kathy Genova
Claire Eggert, mother of Robert Eggert, Bowl Long Island proprietor

Rochester NY USBC
John "Jack" Ertle
Karl J. "Bud" Couglar
John G. Allen
Benjamin Ray "Ben" Bragg
James S. Fichera
Joseph T. Martorella, Domm's Bowling Center proprietor, ABC team champion, Rochester NY USBC Hall of Famer

Greater Buffalo USBC
David A. Miller, Hall of Famer
John P. Niesyty
Ronald C. Wagner

March 2020

Hudson Valley USBC
Catherine "Kay" Streck
Fulton County Regional USBC
Harold "Skip" Lair
Herbert Boynton

Rochester NY USBC
Thomas A. "Tom" Silco
Irvin L. "Irv" McChesney

Greater Buffalo USBC
Donald S. Matyjasik

Westchester County USBC
Anthony "Tony" Galleno, Former Association Manager & Long Time Employee Jefferson Valley Lanes
Donald Powers, Relative of Linda Infante WCUSBC Sergeant-at-Arms

February 2020

Greater Buffalo USBC
Teresa M. "Terry" Sabia, She served on the Buffalo Women's Bowling Association Board of Directors starting in the 1960's and as President for 13 years, and also was President of Buffalo Women's 600 Club and served the NYSWBA Board and the Buffalo Area Bowling Council.  CLICK HERE for obituary.
Kenneth D. Coffee

January 2020

Rochester NY USBC
Margaret Magoffin
Mark W. Coogan
Margaret Morley
Charles "Chuck" Richards

Westchester County USBC
Stephan Trapp, Brother of Don Trapp
Derek "Butta" Williams 
James Ransom

December 2019

Greater Buffalo USBC
Forrest E. Weaver
Richard A. Fladie
Phyllis Notaro

Genesee Region USBC
Carmella "Millie" McVay
Henry (Hank) Valerych

Hudson Valley USBC & Westchester County USBC
James Paustain, Sr

November 2019

Rochester NY USBC
Florence Warner
William A. "Bill" Hunt

Canandaigua USBC
Donna M. Eatherly, A life-long bowling enthusiast and youth bowling coach. Donna dedicated her life to bowling, was inducted into several Bowling Halls of Fame, and held many offices in various bowling organizations. CLICK HERE for obituary.

Staten Island USBC
Michael "Mike" Walczysyzn. CLICK HERE for obituary.

Tri-County NY USBC
John R. Westfall, bowler and husband of Frances Westfall, association director.

Greater Buffalo USBC
John H. Boundy

October 2019

Rochester NY USBC
Gary S. Holowka
James Langill Sr.
Viola "Vi" Harris

Ithaca USBC
John Capozzi, NYS Hall of Famer (1992) from the Ithaca area.Albany USBC
Lucille Daignault, past president of the NYS Bowling Writers Assn., NYS Women's 700 Club and Albany WIBC, past secretary of the Albany WIBC and director of the Albany USBC. Calling hours are from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Friday (Nov. 1) with services at 6:30 p.m. at Dufresne Funeral Home, 216 Columbia St, Cohoes. Niagara Falls USBC
Anthony "Tony" Quaranto, former NYS Men's Bowling Association officer and director and Niagara Falls USBC association manager.

Genesee Region USBC
Robert Radley
Bernice George
Dorothy "Dot" Koziej

Tri-County NY USBC
Dale Green

Greater Buffalo USBC
Charles "Chuck" McKinnon
Barbara J. Jasin
Elizabeth A. Hails

Westchester County USBC
Maria Hadala, Bowler and Long Time Coach Yonkers School System
Pearl Keller, USBC Hall of Famer, Journalist and Bowling Advocate
Grover Shannon, Sr

September 2019

Genesee Region USBC
Joseph R. (Trigger) Trigilio
James F. Marciniak

Rochester NY USBC
Fred Worden
Anthony J. "Babe" DeMarco
Patricia E. Bach
Norma C. Fuller

Greater Buffalo USBC
Jannie M. Roberts
Thomas J. Wiesmore
Mary Ann Grzankowski

Westchester County USBC
Frank Pugliese, Relative of Linda Infante WCUSBC Sergeant-at-Arms

August 2019

Lake Ontario USBC
Marvin Cathy, proprietor of Parkview Lanes in Wolcott

Genesee Region USBC
Doris C. Ransom
Jeanette M. Fryer
John "Jabo" Jablonski

Greater Buffalo USBC
Susan K. Pullen, Gr Buff Hall of Famer
Timothy P. Berlinski
James P. Quinn

July 2019

Fulton USBC
George DeLong

Rochester NY USBC
Thomas Pisano, age 105; longtime Rochester bowler
Nicholas K. Mabe

Lake Ontario USBC
Eva Ireland, local association Hall of Famer and former director
Greater Buffalo USBC
Richard L. "Rich" Schlager
Richard R. Rebilas Sr.
John A. Jarzynski
Richard R. Sunday

June 2019

Genesee Region USBC
Mary Theresa (Marchioli) Sardou, owner and operator, with her son, Thomas, of Viking Valhalla Restaurant at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen. CLICK HERE for her obituary.
Robert J. "Rob" Morith
John R. LaFarnara

Fulton County Regional
Sandra L. (Sandy) Suchy, recipient of the 2019 NYS USBC Service to Bowling/Community Award and NYS Women's 600 Club member.

Tri-County NY USBC
Gary Kosteczko, husband of Diane Kosteczko, Tri-County NY USBC director.

Rochester NY USBC
Patricia Fedele

Greater Buffalo USBC
Gerald B. Copperberg Jr.
Herman N. "Bud" Schwabl, Gr Buff Hall of Famer
Martin J. Payne

May 2019

Genesee Region USBC
John Kingdollar
Rebecca "Becky" Hughson

Greater Buffalo USBC
Patricia E. Batina
Robert J. Bengert, Sr.
Jason D. Bren
Kenneth L. Jaster
Betty Maw, GBUSBCA Hall of Fame

April 2019

Genesee Region USBC
Angelo V. Pettinella, father of NYS USBC Association Manager Mike Pettinella

Kingston USBC
Joan Millham

Maj. Troy D. Campbell  SAW Valley USBC president.


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