Youth Bowling – A Future for the Sport

The NYS USBC, through its network of tournament coordinators and regional tournament managers, places a high priority on youth bowling. Yearly scholarships generated through state youth and adult-junior events approach the $60,000 mark.

NYS USBC leadership supports the NYS Youth Leaders program and encourages local associations to form their own chapters and to participate at our state youth tournament finals and at the annual state meeting. We recognize that these youth leaders are thefuture of the governance of our sport.

See below for the Youth Leader Awards - Applications due by May 1

Click Here for Youth Scholarships - Applications due by April 1

U.S. High School Bowling Foundation

Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling

Bowler's Ed In-School Bowling

Bowler’s Ed is a great way to introduce kids to bowling at an early age through physical education in the classroom or gymnasium. Everything you need to start activating this program with a school nearby can be found here. Simply click on the file name and depending on the file type it will open in a new window or download to your computer.

Don’t see something you are looking for? Send an email to and we can create custom youth graphics, flyers, and promotional material to help you grow youth bowling in your community.


  • Bowler's Ed Program Overview: Learn how Bowler's Ed can help create a partnership between the bowling industry and local schools.
  • Educator How-to-Guide: A guide for teachers who want to begin the Bowler's Ed program.
  • Resource Opportunities: A list of Bowler's Ed resources available to you along with a request form for materials.
  • Proprietor How-to-Guide: A guide to help proprietors connect with schools, promote Bowler's Ed and implement the program.
  • Proprietors Kit Request Form: This is an order form for centers to request a starter kit to assist with implementing the Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling program.


For more information including pricing, curriculum and marketing visit USBC Youth Bowlers Ed Page

Contact for additional program support and information!


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