83rd NYS Women's Championships -- RESULTS

Northern Adirondack, Fulton, Schenectady Teams Triumph

JUNE 13, 2019 – Teams from Northern Adirondack USBC, Fulton USBC and Schenectady USBC captured divisional titles at the 83rd NYS Women’s Championships.

Competition took place in April and May at Kingpin’s Alley Family Fun Center in South Glens Falls, drawing 381 Teams, 751 Doubles, 1,502 Singles and 1,459 All-Events. Prize money totaled $64,153.50, including $2,000 from the NYS USBC’s expense fund.

Staib’s Transport (Northern Adirondack USBC) placed first in the 599-and-under Team category with 2,525 – 30 pins more than QC Pinbusters (Ithaca USBC).  V B C Ladies (Sayre Athens Waverly USBC) placed third at 2,454.

Members of the Staib’s team are Amy Manson, Rosemary Robinson, Uteena Richards and Kelly Helm.

In the 600-759 Team division, Bi Polar Rollers of Fulton (Fulton USBC) finished on top with 2,454 – 20 pins better than Savona Storage (Corning USBC) and 25 ahead of Sunsetter’s (Finger Lakes NY USBC).

Members of the Bi Polar Rollers squad are Crystal MacDougall, Sara Mills, Jen Mills and Kelly Newton.

And in the 760-and-Over Scratch division, 3 B’s & 1E (Schenectady USBC) led the way with 2,748, outdistancing Towne Bowling I (Schenectady USBC) and Town Rock n Bowl (Schenectady USBC) by 10 and 53 pins, respectively.

Members of the winning team are Jessica Aiezza, Sarah Germano, Michelle Sterner and Liz Kuhlkin. Germano is a Rochester NY USBC member while Sterner is a Niagara Falls USBC member.

The top three in Doubles, Singles and All-Events are as follows:

299-and-Under Doubles -- Nicole Delaney and Suzzy Stowell (Auburn NY USBC), 1,345; Joann Votraw and Kathy Bennett (Northern Adirondack USBC), 1,305; Susan Godkin and Sonya Pettit (Lake Ontario USBC), 1,288.

300-379 Doubles – Margaret Randall and Vickie Tobias (Corning USBC), 1,317; Susan Pepe and Michele Gregg (Albany USBC), 1,299; Susan O’Toole and Belinda Floyd (SAW Valley USBC), 1,278.

380-and-Over Scratch Doubles – Patti TeNyenhuis and Laura Rotter (Hudson Valley USBC), 1,426; Anne Conner and JoAnna Carter (Central NY USBC), 1,425; Michelle Sterner and Theresa Porter (Niagara Falls USBC), 1,416.

149 & Under Singles -- Betty Cavazos (Fulton USBC), 690; Stephanie VanHorn (Central NY USBC), 685; Katherine Satterlee (Fulton County Regional USBC) and Amy Proctor (Fulton County Regional USBC), 683 (tie).

150-189 Singles – Brittany Cornell (Auburn NY USBC), 732; Amy Emens (Rochester NY USBC), 715; Margaret Randall (Corning USBC), 710.

190-and-Over Scratch Singles – Shanna Chepelsky (Rochester NY USBC), 761; Deanna Ort (Central NY USBC), 761; JoAnna Carter (Central NY USBC), 758.

149-and-Under All-Events – Linda Vannederynen (Ithaca USBC), 2,012; Kristina Seyfarth (Kingston USBC), 1,988; Lynn Baker (Seven Valley USBC), 1,964.

150-189 All-Events – Margaret Randall (Corning USBC), 2,054; Kelsey Broome (Finger Lakes NY USBC), 1,997; Terri Donahue (Rochester NY USBC), 1,994.

190-and-Over Scratch All-Events – Deborah Capullo (Schenectady USBC), 2,174; Julie Selk (Greater Buffalo USBC), 2,129; Caycee Landers (Genesee Region USBC), 2,090.

First-place winners in all of the events and special award winners will receive plaques from the NYS USBC.

Special award winners:

President’s Award (high series, 190-and-over average) – Julie Brady (Kingston USBC), 783.

Association Manager Award (high game, 190-and-over average) – Brady, Laura Zanrucha (Southern Tier USBC), 300.

Board of Directors Award (high series, 150-189 average) – Amy Emens (Rochester NY USBC), 697.

Board of Directors Award (high game, 150-189 average) – Beth Dziekan (Greater Buffalo USBC), 269.

Board of Directors Award (high series, 149-and-under average) – Betty Genninger (Central NY USBC), 552.

Board of Directors Award (high game, 149-and-under average) – Georgia DeLoach (New York City USBC), 225.


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