84th Annual New York State Women’s Championships -- Results

Brewster, NY, June 13, 2021 – Teams from all over the state travelled to Western New York to complete in the 84th Annual New York State Women’s Championship this spring. Divisional titles were won by the Tri-County NY USBC, the Lowville USBC and the Greater Buffalo USBC.

After the 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid, the original center was unable to host the event due to planned renovations. As a result, the tournament was switched to the Tonawanda Bowling Center in April and May. Turnout at the tournament was down this year, drawing only 170 teams, 341 doubles, 682 singles and 639 All-Events. This year’s prize fund totaled $31,395 which included $2,200 from the tournament sponsor, BowlTV. This was in addition to $1184 from the Tonawanda Bowling Association.

In Team Division 3 (599 and under) More Power Pro Shop from Tri-County USBC started the event out in style, rolling a 2,456 the first weekend of the tournament to set the pace.  They were able to hold off the rest of the field and stayed almost 90 pins head. Members of the team were Arleen Strecker, Cynthia Maycrink, Gabrielle Whitehurst and Josephine Zynch.

Second place went to the Misfits from Chen Del O USBC rolling a 2,369.  Rounding out the top three were the Lady Devils from Rome USBC with a 2,352.

The Division 2 (600-759) Champion was Splits & Giggle from Lowville USBC running away from the field rolling a 2,474 which was 89 pins ahead of second place. Members of this team were Amanda Jones, Robin Tucker-Brown, Carla Bishop and Masie Allen.

Deluxe Girls from Finger Lakes NY USBC came in second shooting a 2,385 and third was Winning Edge from Fulton USBC with a 2,333.

Finally, in Division 1 (scratch) Greater Buffalo USBC’s Selk Four captured the crown. The four women averaged 213 for the three games for a total score of 2,557. Member of this team were Carrie Racsumberger, Jocelyn Stutz-Krempa, Holly Parrish and Julie Selk.

Coming in second place was Storm Ladies from Greater Buffalo USBC with 2,463 and third place was WNYBABZ from Tonawanda Bowling Association rolling a 2,440.  

The top three in Doubles, Singles and All-Events are as follows:

Division 3 (299 and Under) Doubles – Ruth Trudeau and Gloria Barlow (Lowville USBC) 1,233; Christina Gentz and Holly Hanrahan (Corning USBC) 1,220; Jessica Cole and Pamela Kelly (Elmira USBC) 1,217.

Division 2 (300-379) Doubles – Jean Orchowski and Jamie Garrett (Corning USBC) 1,268; Paulette Lewek and Kathleen Hallenbeck (Fulton County USBC) 1,249; Heather Potoeski and Heather Farr (Corning USBC) 1,207.

Division 1 (Scratch) Doubles – Carrie Racsumberger and Jocelyn Stutz-Krempa (Greater Buffalo USBC) 1,385; Laura Rotter & Deborah Capullo (Schenectady USBC) 1,293; Janelle Irwin and Kalynn Carl (Schenectady USBC) 1,240.

Division 3 (149 & Under) Singles – Paula Salatel (Fulton USBC) 681; Katie VanVranken (Albany USBC) 677; Debbie Zlotnick (Adirondack USBC) 672.

Division 2 (150-189) Singles – Carla Bishop (Lowville USBC) 698; Jennifer Wheeler (Tonawanda USBC) 668; Rosanne Bixby (Twin Tiers USBC) 710.

Division 1 (Scratch) Singles – Jocelyn Stutz-Krempa (Greater Buffalo USBC) 685; Karen Marshall (Fulton USBC) 667; Holly Parrish (Greater Buffalo USBC) 652.

Division 3 (149 and Under) All-Events – Gabrielle Whitehurst (Tri-County USBC) 2,003; Mallory Wojcinski (Dunkirk Lakeshore USBC) 1,941; Katie VanVranken (Albany USBC) 1,938.

Division 2 (150-189) All-Events – Lori Vantroost (Canandaigua USBC) 1,839; Michele Solorio (Ithaca USBC) 1,829; Sheryl Cowan (Malone USBC) 1,820.

Division 1 (Scratch) All-Events – Carrie Racsumberger (Greater Buffalo USBC) 1,953; Jocelyn Stutz-Krempa (Greater Buffalo USBC) & Traci Spanitz (Rochester USBC) 1,906 (tie).

Special award winners:

President’s Award (high series, Division 1) – Carrie Racsumberger (Greater Buffalo USBC) 756.

Association Manager Award (high game, Division 1) – Jocelyn Stutz-Krempa (Greater Buffalo USBC) 279.

Board of Directors Award (high series, Division 2) – Carla Bisphop (Lowville USBC) 635.

Board of Directors Award (high game, Division 2) – Robin Wheeler (Tonawanda USBC) 274.

Board of Directors Award (high series, Division 3) – Stacey Burke (Lowville NY USBC) 551.

Board of Directors Award (high game, Division 3) – Robin Tucker Brown (Lowville USBC) 244.

Next years event is at Midway Lanes in Vestal 4/9/2022 thru 5/22/22. Applications and reservation forms will be available soon.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to Tournament Manager Angelo Corradino at (845) 363-1374 or bowlnysusbc@gmail.com.


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