NYSUSBC Now Accepting Bids for State Tournaments

Date Posted: January 27th, 2022

Brewster, NY – The New York State USBC has opened the bidding process for future sites for state tournaments. Ten events are run by NYSUSBC, seven for the adult bowlers and three for youth bowlers. The tournaments begin in August and conclude in May. Most of the sites are booked through 2022 and 2023, we are looking to future events.

First event on the calendar is the Women’s Senior Singles, this event is typically the two weekends in August. The women bowl three games one day and three games the next day. There is one squad on Friday night, three squads on Saturday and two squads on Sunday. This event usually has between 275 – 325 women, we are looking for bids beginning in 2024.

Our next event in the Senior Open Championship. This is a doubles and singles event typically the second and third weekend in October. The bowlers usually bowl doubles one day and singles the next. We usually have about 130-140 bowlers in this event. There are two squads on Saturday and three or four squads on Sunday. We are looking for bids beginning in 2023.

The Senior Masters is typically held the first Saturday in November. This is a one-day tournament for bowlers 50+ in New York. We generally have about 60-80 bowlers for this event. There are two qualifying squads then two game match play finals. This event usually takes 6 to 7 hours to compete. We are looking for bids beginning in 2023.

As the calendar rolls over, we begin with our major events for all the adults in New York. The NYS Masters is held the first Saturday in March. This is one of our biggest attractions from elite bowlers throughout the state. The champion will receive a paid entry into the following year’s USBC Master. This tournament usually sells out, the last two years we had 120 bowlers. Depending on the size of the center this could take all day. We usually have two qualifying squads and then two game bracket style match play finals. We are looking for bids beginning in 2023.

Our next event is a pair of tournaments, the Women’s Open Championships and the Queens Championships. We would need 2 centers in close proximity to host the events. The Women’s Championships runs five weekends and typically begins the first weekend in April and runs through the third weekend in May (we don’t bowl Mother’s Day Weekend). Bowlers will compete in 4-person team one day, the doubles and singles the next day. The first weekend there are two squads on Saturday and Sunday. The next four weekends we have two squads on Friday, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. This tournament usually draws 350 – 375 teams.

During the second weekend we usually have the Queens Tournament. This is a singles event, they bowl five game qualifying, then they have head-to-head finals. We typically draw 80-100 women for this event and it should take about six to seven hours to complete. We are looking for bids beginning in 2024 for both Women’s Championships and the Queens.

Finally, we have the Open Championships which runs four weekends. This event runs around the same time as the women’s championship April through May. Bowlers compete in 5-person team one day, then doubles and singles the next day. This event usually has about 225-250 teams. The first weekend we have two squads on Saturday and Sunday. The next three weekends we have two squads on Friday, three squads on Saturday and two squads on Sunday. We are looking for bids beginning in 2024.

Expectations from host center

🎳         All lanes for the squads with a breakdown pair at tournament managers discretion.

🎳         Bowler's names will be provided the two or three days before the squads begin, these names must pre-loaded into the scorers before the squads begins

🎳         Portable Microphone (if possible)

🎳       Lanes will be stripped and oiled in between each squad with a pattern provided by NYSUSBC and Kegel. This pattern cannot be published until the tournament is complete.

🎳         Tournament office for check-in and tournament management. Secure location to keep files, equipment and other valuables for duration of the tournament

🎳       Pro Shop for bowlers to purchase materials needed while bowling (or somewhere to purchase these items like a bowler’s aid machine)

🎳       Wait staff for bowlers to purchase food and beverage

Expectations from Local Association

🎳       Brackets available for all bowlers. NYSUSBC will split the proceeds with the local associations

🎳       Souvenir table with shirts, bag tags and other trinkets for the bowlers to purchase

🎳         Lane monitors to assists with score corrections and general issues which arise

🎳         Staff to sell raffle tickets for cash prizes and bowling ball raffles.

The youth events are broken into two different categories, Regional Championship and State Championships.

The first event on the calendar is the Pepsi Scholarship Tournament which is sponsored by USBC. This event is open to all certified youth bowlers, it begins with in-league qualifying usually during December. Bowlers than advance to the regional finals where they compete for a chance to advance to the state finals. The tournament is separated into 10 divisions based on age and gender (U8, U10, U12, U15, U18). Two bowlers from the U12, U15 and U18 division advance to the state finals. The top two bowlers in U8 and U10 are awarded scholarships.

Next up is the youth team tournament. Teams consist of 4 bowlers in 3 different divisions based on average. Two teams in each division, plus the team with the highest scratch score will advance to the state finals.

If you are a proprietor or center manager who would like to host a state tournament please reach out to Association Manager Angelo Corradino at bowlnysusbc@gmail.com or (845) 363-1374 for the adult tournaments. And Tom Solimine (solimine2000@aol.com) or Nelson Chase (nwc3@aol.com) for youth events. You may also speak to the regional tournament manager for your center to host a Regional Youth Tournament for Pepsi or Youth Team. This list can be found on www.bowlny.com I the About Us section.


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