One Week Left in the Fund Crazr Raffle

Date Posted: January 4th, 2022

Brewster, NY – With the NFL season wrapping up this week, the NYS USBC Fund Crazr will enter its last week for people to win prizes.

The first fund raiser for the 2021-22 Season proved to be success, a total of 823 tickets were sold and the association raised more than $4,000 for our scholarships and charities.

Tickets were $10 each and sold during the fall by our Directors, Youth Committee and a few local associations. The contest coincided with the last five weeks of the NFL Season, each ticket had three different teams per week. If the cumulative scores for all three teams scored the highest total the ticket holder won $100, second highest they won $50, third highest they won $20 and lowest they won $20. The contest was only for NYSUSBC tickets, so we were guaranteed four winners each week.

“Ticket sales started out slow, but we still had a good raffle for our first time working with Rob and his team (at Fund Crazr)” Association Manager Angelo Corradino stated. “We had a pretty decent outcome which will help the Pathways Committee with their programs.”

This season winners so far:

Week 1 (Dec 9-13) Tie - Nelson Chase (DAL, GB, KC) & Glenna Gaudio (BUF, GB, KC) 120 pts $75

Week 2 (Dec 16 – 20) Tie - LaGrega DeLgandio (KC, MIA, SF), Randy Snyder (GB, KC, MIA), Dan Miller (GB, KC, SF), & Matt Hardy (BUF, KC, MIA) 96 pts - $45

Week 3 (Dec 23 – 27) - Steph Malette (DAL, HOU, PHI) 131 pts $100

Week 4 (Dec 30 – Jan 3) – Deborah Humphrey (DAL, NE, SEA) – 123 pts $100

For a complete list of winners click the links on this page.

NYS USBC will still have their annual July Lottery Raffle which has always been popular, ticket should be available soon. The proceeds for this raffle will also go to the Pathways Committee.  Look for these tickets soon.

FundCrazr Football Ticket Raffle Winners Week 1 FundCrazr Football Ticket Raffle Winners Week 2 FundCrazr Football Ticket Raffle Winners Week 3 FundCrazr Football Ticket Raffle Winners Week 4 FundCrazr Football Ticket Raffle Winners Week 5


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