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Date Posted: September 20th, 2021

Brewster, NY – The New York State USBC has launched their first fund raiser for the 2021-2022 Season. In partnership with FundCrazr, they will be selling $10 raffle tickets which will coincide with last five weeks of the NFL Season.

Each week the ticket holder has been assigned three NFL Teams, winners are determined by the cumulative points scored by these teams. If the ticket has the highest total points scored they win $100, second highest total points scored they win $50, third highest total points scored they win $30 and the combination with the lowest points scored win $20. The sweepstakes is only based the actual tickets sold, so there are four guaranteed winners each week.

The association has already sold the required 100 tickets to guarantee the prize fund, so any tickets sold now will be increase the funds raised.  Proceeds will go to the scholarships and donations to Roswell Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering, BVL and other charitable organizations.

Tickets have been issued to all board member and youth committee, if you would like to purchase tickets please see one of these members. Some local associations also have been sent tickets, there will be an updated list on our website ( with all local associations where tickets are available to purchase.  

In addition, NYSUSBC is encouraging local associations to assist with sales. For every 50 tickets ordered an additional 5 tickets will be sent, which can be used for programs in your association. If all 2000 tickets are sold over $13,000 will be raised for the Pathways Committee.

For more information or to obtain tickets please contact Angelo Corradino, NYSUSBC Association Manager at or (845) 363-1374.

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