Update on COVID-19 Guidelines for Bowling

Date Posted: August 27th, 2020

Brewster, NY – There have been a lot of questions regarding the New York State Department of Health Guideline for bowling center during the ongoing pandemic which is gripping the world. Below is what we know so far.


🎳 Social Distancing is required at all times. Please stay 6 feet away from other patrons.

🎳 Bowling Centers are only allowed to operate at 50% capacity.

🎳 Every other lane must be dark (closed) unless there is barrier between EACH LANE. The barrier should extend through the settee area to the ball return.

🎳 Alternating lanes is allowed, if there is a barrier in between EACH LANE (at center’s discretion).

🎳 Food and beverage outside New York City, is through wait service only. Patrons are not permitted to go to the bar or concession stand. No alcohol can be purchased without food as per Governor Cuomo’s executive order.

🎳 Food and beverage in New York City is still not allowed due to indoor dining restrictions.

🎳 Face coverings are required at all times.

🎳 Thorough cleaning of all surface and rental equipment is required after each use.

🎳 Patrons must stay on their own lanes or with their own group

🎳 COVID checklist to be filled out at door (at center’s discretion)

🎳 Temperature checks are required to enter the building (at center’s discretion)

🎳 Spectators are allowed (at the center’s discretion) so long as capacity is below requirements. Spectators must not leave their seat; no walking around or mingling. But the center has final say on this matter as well.


Below is the link for the NYS DOH Guidelines bowling is on page 7. If you have any questions or concern please reach out to your local DOH office for assistance. You may also contact the NYS USBC at bowlnysusbc@gmail.com or 845-363-1374.

NYS DOH Sports and Recreation Master Guidance


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