2022-2023 Adult Junior Championship Results

Results have been updated, please see new list. Ww have also  Congratulations to all the champions!

Junior Male Adult Male Class A Scratch: Michael Rennells & Eric Gunderson - 1399
Junior Male Adult Male Class A Handicap: Logan Hoyt & Jason Stalsonberg - 1456
Junior Male Adult Male Class B Handicap: Nolan Randisi & Christopher Randisi -1557
Junior Male Adult Female Scratch: Braydon Smith & Anna McIntyre - 1394
Junior Male Adult Female Handicap: Logan O'Hara & Jeana O'Hara - 1472
Junior Female Adult Male Scratch: Addison Nichols & Derek Magno - 1429 
Junior Female Adult Male Handicap: Hailey Redfield & Terrance Redfield - 1465
Junior Female Adult Female Scratch:  Giovanna Fowler & Deborah Capullo - 1341
Junior Female Adult Female Handicap: Chloe Liu & Amy Randisi - 1576

Scholarship Awards will be announced soon.


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