95th NYS Open Championships -- RESULTS

SAW Valley, Rochester Teams Win; Elmira Bowler Takes Three Events

JUNE 14, 2019 – Four Leary’s (Sayre Athens Waverly Valley USBC) and Doug Kent’s Rose Bowl Lanes (Rochester NY USBC) earned Team titles while Eric Benscoter (Elmira USBC) rolled his way to a rare “triple crown” at the 95th NYS Open Championships in April and May at Valley Bowling Center in Waverly.

The tournament drew 239 Teams -- 57 more than last year -- as well as 486 Doubles, 971 Singles and 848 All-Events. The prize list totaled $89,700.

Four Leary’s posted 2,962 in the Team 1000 & Under division, outpacing Stump, Drop and Roll (Rochester NY USBC) by 15 pins. Members of the first-place team are Christine Leary, Blair Leary, Dylan Burns, Mark Leary and Michael Leary.

Dazed and Confused (Mid-Hudson USBC) placed third at 2,912.

In the Team 1001 & Over division, Rose Bowl Lanes fired 3,609 on the final day to claim top honors, with Sparetime Bowling (Greater Buffalo USBC) second at 3,503 and Goomba’s Gang (Rome NY USBC) third at 3,412.

Members of the Rose Bowl Lanes squad are Dan Vick, Chris Bardol, Bill Hasiotis, Steve Meyer and Doug Kent.

Benscoter, back into bowling after a lengthy absence, teamed with Mark Hammond (Bath USBC) for the Doubles 400 & Under title (1,295), and went on to place first in Singles 200 & Under (706) and All-Events 200 & Under (1,996).

Sarah Meath and Christopher Kardas (Rochester NY USBC) were second at 1,282, followed by Manuel Ortega and Craig Ward (Rochester NY USBC) at 1,279.

Kenneth Raines (Mid-Hudson USBC) placed second in All-Events 200 & Under with 1,978 and Angel Dingle (Ithaca USBC) was third with 1,924.

In Doubles 401 & Over, Michael Platter and David Kirsch (Greater Buffalo USBC) shot 1,520 on the opening weekend and it held up for first place.

They were followed by Ricky Zinone and Joshua Curtis (Rochester NY USBC) at 1,502 and R.J. Blanchard III and Jim Zimmerman (Central New York USBC) at 1,486.

The Singles 201 & Over title went to Tom Bennett (Tri-County NY USBC) with 813, three pins better than Robert Rudnick Jr. (Greater Buffalo USBC). Meyer placed third at 794.

Rudnick did take the All-Events 201 & Over title, however, with a sparking 2,245 score (all scratch), earning him a free entry to the 2020 USBC Masters. Pat Brick (Greater Buffalo USBC) was second at 2,238, followed by Meyer at 2,219.

The 2019 President's Award for the tournament's high series went to David Stoddard Jr. (Rome NY USBC), who posted 840.


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